Introducing your New Design Elements – Part 4

history_artThis post is the fourth in a series introducing our library of 10,000 new graphic design elements, enhancing your glogging experience both online and via the iPad app. Not only does browsing the graphics – education-specific and sorted by subject – make finding individual flair for your glogs quick and easy, but the combination of stand-alone graphics, text boxes, media players and backgrounds are sure to pull your glog together visually and make it stand out from the crowd!

To read more about how to use the design elements, check out the first post in the series here. Last week’s post showcased some stunning space and science themed graphics, but this week we’re returning to planet Earth with world history and wacky art!

Art mJ9w0Ibj9TkwV9ZJ64W6K4WHpd5s7nOdXd460qnkcbjSTgMjymV-iWK4wug6nF9JShTm5gMkCIrmZBDJQ8lVroD4m4RLhgju7iMFx4-lWW4ao7C4LrUzIB3obqDEw9FA2wIf you enjoyed the soft tones and scrapbook theme of our first set of art graphics, take a look at these! Covering some of the greats of modern art including Warhol, Dali and Picasso, as well as a vibrant and chaotic mix of media, these elements will turn your glog into a masterpiece in its own right. Whether exploring the life and works of famous artists, discussing artistic technique and theory, or creating a digital art gallery of your own, these lively illustrations are guaranteed to turn heads.


UDmoMjKulCyKPIFNF1L4xXBYFA6qjn__YS-fhBqLq5F6Zuzo9cqlGJVPtaRaX2xILbmLXLGD0veLOoxYwa3wiMJsisoLPkEeIK2OePlPF4Jk6ICs0Hak9oWUNVU62Z60gwOur history design elements span not only centuries, but also the countries of the world, representing everything from Viking invasions and Medieval Europe to Native Americans and Colonial warfare. You are sure to find something amongst these bold designs, illustrated in a cartoonish yet elegant style, to compliment any history report or project. A particular highlight of our history graphics is a fine set of historically relevant hats, perfect for lending an extra bit of style to portraits…

dmbfQL5_ICRtmHOCj5TlxBmRzjlRHiAxgUsMwx4Qj7phvnHZoszvD5kfIjsEhssix6cz4wdnfGA11BHDka0sRoHpOWmKFtecbGee01d5SRVLz9zx2BmhmbB23YS_OACTyQSo what are you waiting for? This is just a small selection taken from 10,000 new ways to make your glogs pop, and we’re looking forward to seeing art and history come to life over the next few weeks as you explore! Come back next Friday for the fifth installation in the series, when scientific graphics will once again take center stage.

1 thought on “Introducing your New Design Elements – Part 4

  1. This is an improvement that has been long in the waiting. The educational graphic library is going to be very helpful for classroom teachers and students. To have these readily available will streamline creation, even though we still have the ability to upload our own. the best of both worlds!


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