Introducing your New Design Elements – Part 3

science_spaceThis post is part of our ongoing series, updated every Friday. The series is an in-depth look at Glogster’s new set of 10,000 premium educational graphics, categorized by subject and copyright free. To learn more about the entire graphic library, including how to use it, check out the first post in the series here.

While last week’s post featured some great designs to add flair to arts and humanities, this week we’ll be looking at some more great science graphics, sure to be student favourites on science reports and studies of the extraterrestrial. From text boxes and media players to stand-alone images, choosing from these thematic images makes creating a science glog easy and enjoyable, and viewing one equally engaging!


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-26 v 15.49.51These charming graphics are reminiscent of doodles in the margins of an exercise book with their simple hand-drawn style and paper texture. However, unlike (most of) students’ traditional doodles, these are all strictly science-relevant, and entirely appropriate for embellishing lab reports, research projects, and any other fact-filled science glogs with. Alongside a set of detailed sketches of lab equipment such as bunsen burners and microscopes in the same style, these images make up one of two sets of general science designs, each offering a very different style and allowing users to stamp their own personality on their science projects. Stay tuned for an exploration of the second set of science graphics later in the series!


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-26 v 15.50.16These stunning text boxes give a close encounter with our multi-faceted space design elements. Representing craters and constellations and everything in between, they are certain to give a rich depth of design to your space-based glogs. Whether you’re exploring what the universe is made of or how to colonize it, these graphics will instantly draw attention to your glog, and keep people hooked! Alongside some beautiful stand-alone images of spacecraft, satellites and stars, the sky really is the limit for your creativity.

We hope these easy-to-use images inspire you to create some great glogs. Why not share some with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages? Be sure to check back next Friday for another showcase of brand new educational graphics!

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