System Downtime

We wish to address the site disruption experienced between 12:35 EDT yesterday and 03:04 EDT this morning. At Glogster we take issues like this very seriously and we wish to apologize for any problems caused to you during this period, as well as offer an explanation.

The downtime was caused by two simultaneous issues, thus it took longer than anticipated to get to the root of them and restore the system. Due to coinciding server downtime on our third-party cloud service provider Rackspace, we were not able to immediately identify the issues on our side. It wasn’t until Rackspace was up and running again that we could finally isolate the problem in our own system and give you back the performance you deserve.

To those of you whose work was affected by the disruption, we offer sincerest apologies. This has been one of the longest periods of downtime in Glogster’s history, and it was certainly a learning experience for us. After ensuring that the system was once again running as normal, we immediately took measures to prevent further problems of this nature. We have reexamined our server configuration as well as improving our monitoring system so that we can react far more quickly and accurately to any unforseen issues.

As an aside, we would like to reassure users who experienced this issue via the iPad app that it is in no way representative of the Glogster app experience as a whole. The system fix has restored the application to its intended high quality of service, allowing you to once again experience the freedom of glogging on the go.

Thank you for your continued support,

Martin Santorcl, Glogster Co-Founder

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