Introducing your New Design Elements – Part 2

language_journalism_artThis post is part of a series introducing Glogster’s new set of 10,000 premium educational graphics, categorized by subject and copyright free. You might want to read last week’s post to learn more about the design elements and how to use them, as well as previewing elements for math, physics and chemistry.

This week, we’re going to turn to the creative side of things, with graphics representing language, journalism, and visual art. Whether you’re creating a news report presentation, showcasing student artwork, or teaching a new language we’ve got you covered, with unique and relevant images that will give students and educators alike a lasting impression of the subject.


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-19 v 16.13.09This graphic set explores communication around the world and throughout history, with classic sepia-toned depictions of world alphabets, from hieroglyphs to Latin script to sign language. With a matching set of stand-alone graphics including books, pens, world flags and famous landmarks in the same antique-paper style, these elements will add a certain je ne sais quoi to book reviews, grammar guides, vocabulary glogs, accounts of historical writing methods and much more.


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-19 v 17.49.01These graphics are a stylish retro take on the many forms of world media. While typewriters and polaroid cameras are sure to give glogs a sense of vintage Clark Kent style journalism, laptops and smart phones are included to represent modern media sources. Alongside these pieces of technology are vivid tabloid-style headlines, sure to add a certain sense of immediacy to glogging projects such as current events reports, or accounts of historical occurrences.

Art 1

Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-19 v 17.50.59Our visual art themed graphics are divided into two very different styles, reflecting the immense variety of artistic styles. This scrapbook-styled set includes all sorts of artistic tools and mediums, as well as stylized replications of some famous works created with them, from pop art to the Mona Lisa. With their wood textures and cheerful colours, these elements will enhance glogs on art history and techniques, as well as glogs to show off students’ own artistic talents. Stay tuned to see a preview of our second set of art graphics in coming weeks!

We look forward to seeing some stunning artistic, linguistic and journalistic glogs in the near future, and we can’t wait to show you more new Glogster graphics next Friday!

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