Introducing your New Design Elements – Part 1

math_physics As well as providing a more stable and speedy online glogging experience, the recent Glogster system update has added a library of 10,000 original graphics to your online Glogster experience. These graphic sets are premium content, reserved for paid accounts. However, to celebrate their release we are making the images available to all users including free accounts for a limited period of time.

Categorized by topic, these design elements include walls, frames for images, text boxes, audio and video players, and stand-alone graphics. They are the most simple and striking way to add subject-specific flair to any glog, and because they’re designed by us for you and your students, you can use them again and again without worrying about copyright or citations.

To use the new graphics, all you have to do is click the ‘add’ button at the top of your glog, and explore the text, graphics and wall tabs. You will see a list of categories under each tab, covering 15 educational topics and packed with exciting graphic elements. To add a frame, audio or video player, simply click on the image, audio or video tabs, select media from your own files or from around the web, and then click “add frame” or “add player” under the media preview thumbnail to open the graphics menu.

Every Friday over the next few weeks we will be introducing our new graphic sets for each topic, and giving you some inspiration for how to use these diverse and dynamic designs in your own glogs. We’re kicking off the excitement this week on the scientific side of things.


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-12 v 16.02.19This quirky graphic set mixes up mathematics and lets equations loose… Nothing is quite as it seems, with number eight growing wings and number nine being eaten by a monster! With an accompanying set of numerals and functions in the same style, mathematics will truly come to life in your glogs, inspiring students to take a closer look at the subject and see that it’s not so scary after all – although perhaps the number nine would disagree!


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-12 v 17.00.28

These cheerful physics graphics not only add a hand-drawn cartoonish sense of sun to physics glogs, but actually help to explain and illustrate scientific theories! With useful equations and physical symbols integrated into the images, these fun representations of everything from energy to earth science will make physics glogs unforgettable.


Snímek obrazovky 2014-09-12 v 16.59.28

Our chaotic chemistry graphic set has a blue and green theme and an energetic approach to everything from chemical symbols and structures to experiments and equipment. Graphics such as gloves, goggles, broken test tubes and bottles of poison serve as a fun and friendly reminder of hazards and safety precautions in the lab. Writing up a science report just got a whole lot more exciting!

We hope that you enjoy exploring our new design elements online and via the iPad app, and can’t wait to see the unique glogs that you create with them! Make sure to tune in next Friday for Part 2, introducing more great graphics.

1 thought on “Introducing your New Design Elements – Part 1

  1. Reblogged this on Използване на нови технологии в езиковото обучение and commented:
    GlogsterEDU преставя новите си графики по различни учебни дисциплини, които са наистина очарователни. Те са предвидени за платените профили, но в момента са в наличност във всички инструменти, затова, че могат да бъдат разгледани и ползвани от всички потребители на ГлогстерЕДУ. В статията са представени графиките свързани с математика, химия и физика. Следващия петък сайтът ще престави такива и по други учебни дисциплини. Имайте предвид и ползвайте безплатно в настоящия момент!
    Успешна нова учебна година! Здрава и спокойна!


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