The Very Best of the New iPad App

ipad_nwlAs the launch date of our brand new iPad app is fast approaching, we have received enthusiastic feedback from the teachers who participated in the app pilot program. The participants’ excitement with the application’s functionality exceeded all our expectations.

Part of the feedback showed some misunderstanding concerning the development and purpose of the new iPad application. Some users thought that the new app is a mere upgrade of our older social networking application which was intended and limited purely for social interaction.

Like an iPhone vs Pager
We would like to clarify that the upcoming app is a completely new product built from scratch, and for a different purpose to the older one. If the old app was like a pager, the new application is like the latest iPhone. The old app served its purpose, which was simply viewing glogs, just fine. The new one is primarily focused on educational needs of teachers, schools and whole districts, and has been created in anticipation of the exponential growth of the use of electronic devices in education.

iPad Experience vs Web Version 
You will find all functions of the Glogster EDU platform tightly and intuitively integrated in the new iPad app, including the Glogpedia™ library. In addition to this you get Web picker – the new integrated Web browser. With this new tool, adding new content is a matter of simply searching and dragging text, photos and videos onto your glog. This means that you can take the whole Glogster experience with you wherever you go, and create your glogs faster, more easily and with a lot more fun. Simply put, the app is a massive enhancement of the desktop Glogster EDU platform.

Original Graphics
We have also designed over 10,000 new graphic elements created exclusively by Glogster for you to use with no worries about copyright issues. Categorized by subject, you can use these high-quality graphics for any type of content. And yes, they are all free to use to your heart’s content. 

On top of these new features, the app will integrate into your English, Spanish or Czech system language. But of course we don’t want to stop here, so expect more languages to be added gradually.

We believe the new Glogster™ iPad app will elevate the educational process to a new, truly exceptional digital learning experience.

5 thoughts on “The Very Best of the New iPad App

    • The iPad application will be included as an enhancement of our standard paid license, providing new and existing users with extra value at no extra cost. This means the app will be free to download in the app store, but will require log in via a standard Glogster account for full access.

      Please visit our FAQ post to learn more 🙂


  1. If we currently have an edu account for 100 students will those 100 students be able to put the iPad app on their device for free? As the account holder will I be able to put it on my iPad?


    • All educator and student accounts under a standard paid license will be able to download and log in to the app on their own iPads without any further cost. We hope that you enjoy the added value to your edu account!


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