iPad Application Release FAQs

newl_ipad_pic_largeThe buzz around the iPad app is growing, with a fantastic response to our recent preview post and excited messages from educators eager to learn more about the app and its release. We have pulled together your most commonly asked questions from blog comments and answered them all together in this comprehensive guide:

How much will the iPad app cost?
We are pleased to announce that the iPad application will be…

included as an enhancement of our standard paid license, providing new and existing users with extra value at no extra cost. This means the app will be free to download in the App Store, but upon installation it will require users to log in via a standard Glogster account in order to access the full complement of features.

We recommend checking that your license provides sufficient slots for every intended user, both teachers and students.

Will the iPad app be available to users without a license?
Currently, the application is not intended as a standalone product, but is only available as part of a paid license plan. Those who download the app without an account will be able to view the Glogpedia library without logging in, but will be unable to access the full complement of features.

When will the iPad app be released?
The Glogster team are all working hard to optimize the system and have the best possible user experience ready for September. Within a few days the app will be submitted for approval to the App Store, after which it will be available for download. All users with an active paid license will then have full access.

Will the iPad app be available as part of the 7-day free trial?
Yes. All functions of the full version of our product will be available during the trial, including access to the iPad app. Once the trial period has expired, only the Glogpedia browser will be available on the iPad, and you will be prompted to subscribe to the full version or continue with the free version.

Will Glogster be available for Android tablets?
Creating an Android application will be the next big project for the Glogster Team once the iOS App has been launched.

If you have any further questions about the upcoming app or any aspect of your user experience, do not hesitate to contact the Glogster Team via Twitter, Facebook or our customer care line: +1-888-456-4748

9 thoughts on “iPad Application Release FAQs

    • Hi Lauchie, pleased to hear that you’re interested in getting a look at the app – we have forwarded your request to our account manager, Chuck, and he will get in touch about offering you a preview via Skype.


    • Hi Nick, we currently have a comparison between our types of paid accounts on our product page, but we agree with you that the free account features should be included in this, and will shortly be updating it thus 🙂


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