7-Day Trial Period [UPDATE]

In relation to ongoing product enhancements and our upcoming iPad app, we are releasing an update that changes the free trial period to seven days.

Up until now, users signing up for our service have been automatically given a 31-day trial, offering all the features of a paid account. While we are still keen to let new users try out everything Glogster has to offer – including use of the iPad app – we have cut this decision-making period down to seven days in order to ensure that paying customers continue to receive an optimum service.

The limitation will only affect new sign-ups; all current accounts with trial days remaining will retain those days despite the update.

This update is part of the general changes we are making to Glogster™ products, maintaining the best possible user experience for new and long-term subscribers alike – to learn more about the process, read here.

If you have any queries about changes to the sign-up process, don’t hesitate to contact us at: +1-888-702-4106

2 thoughts on “7-Day Trial Period [UPDATE]

    • Hi Paty, we are aware that it is a financial strain for schools to stay on top of all the latest technology – our app will be free to download from the iPad app store and accessible on top of our standard pricing plans at no extra cost. It will also be included as part of the 7-day-trial, and the Glogpedia iPad browser will continue to be accessible after the trial expires.


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