Slot Management [UPDATE]

We have pushed out an update which brings changes to the usage of student accounts.

Until now students who had inactive accounts could create, edit and delete glogs. Permitting this for inactive students, however, caused excessive demand for storage on our servers which exceeded the scope of intended use of the Free license. Also, there were cases of misuse of this function, i.e. when active student accounts were set to inactive to replace them with active students without paying for extra slots.

For these reasons, as well as to reserve student slots and storage for our paying customers, inactive student accounts will no longer be able to create, edit or delete glogs for the duration of inactive status.

On expiration of a paid or trial license, accounts usually switch to the inactive status. This happens when the total number of student accounts exceeds the number of paid slots, or the number of available slots, within the Free license.

Further limitation of the Free license is the restricted use of “Manage active/inactive students” feature which is now available one time only.

The above mentioned changes also apply to the upcoming iPad application which will be available only to accounts in the active status.

As part of this announcement, we urge all users and administrators to check if their licenses include sufficient active slots for their students. For help with changes in your accounts and more information, please, contact Customer Care or your Sales Representative.

General Sales Line: +1-888-702-4106
General Customer Care Line: +1-888-456-4748

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