Updating Glogster’s Terms of Use

Our new Terms of Use are effective as of April 25, 2014.

We believe it’s essential for you to feel informed when it comes to your information on Glogster. With this in mind, we added a section about Fair Usage and Abuse of Lawful Use of Trial License to our FAQ‘s and Terms of Use.

The inclusion of this section is a response to a massive increase in circumvention of purpose and meaning of use of the Trial license we have identified recently. The usage of our services is being abused by some entities to such an extent that exceeds the normal order of frequency of use and therefore is unlawful, commits long-term law infringements and causes damage to other users of Glogster.  

We feel it is to benefit to everyone to inform and help to raise awareness about lawful using of services.

Updates to our FAQ’s

Fair Usage and Abuse of Lawful Use of Trial License 

Any individual user (natural person) is limited to one trial activation in any 12 month period regardless of a different account username being used or not.

Any organization (group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally e.g. school, company, college, organization, club) are limited to a maximum of 30 Trial registrations in any 12 month period.

Updates to our Terms of Use:

Abuse of Rights and Violation of Lawful Use

Abuse of rights is defined as a willful attempt to exercise the rights of a user of Glogster,  which violates without lawful reason the rights and legitimate interests of other users of Glogster.

As such an exercise of abuse of rights is considered to be, but not limited to:
1.  Repeated activation of a Trial membership by a natural person with in a twelve consecutive month period. Utilizing different aliases is not considered to mean a different natural person that uses electronic services.

2.  Repeated activation of Trial membership over 30 times with in a twelve consective month period without consent and/or unbeknownst to Glogster by a person that differs to a natural person or by an user that differs to a natural person without legal personality. To determine the count of such activations Glogster uses identification principles as domain, used domain name, IP address or other relevant criteria.

For the purposes of legal actions against an entity that uses Glogster in violation of its lawful use each user gives the explicit consent to the use of the identification principles as an evidence.

As repeated activation of the Trial membership is not considered an activation that relates to announced substantial changes in the nature of provided Glogster service and such activation occurs within 30 days after such change is announced.

These changes will take effect on April 25, 2014. See what the new Terms of Use will look like here: Terms of Use

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