The $1000 Glog Contest is Growing Fast!

Hundreds of Teachers Have Entered To Win $1000 Before December 15th! 

It’s been a wild ride at Glogster for the past week. Since we launched our $1000 Glog Contest, we’ve had nearly a thousand submissions from Glogster EDU Teachers all over the world!

How Can I Enter? 

To enter, all you need to do is to TAG your Glogs with this tag: GlogContest2013. Here is a Glog that explains how: 


Note: This Contest can be entered by Teachers Only. But Student Glogs still count if submitted by a teacher!

How Can I Win??

When the contests ends on December 15th, 2013 at Midnight EDT, the Contest Commission, a group of Glogster EDU experts including teachers, designers, and Glogster EDU developers will judge the Top 50 submitted Glogs, as chosen by Glogster EDU.

Here are a few tips for entering to WIN:

  • Choose a fascinating new topic to explore: something you think everyone should know about.

The best Glogs tell you something you don’t already know, in a way you weren’t expecting. The winning Glog will be one that tells a story using multimedia and textual information, as well as external links, to tell a complete story. It should reward the reader with rich information and context.

  • Complete your Glog with Multimedia, external links, videos animations, and other goodies. 

Glogter EDU’s magic is its ability to be more than just a Blog platform or a video platform. Glogster EDU allows you to mesh video, animation, links, recordings of your own, and other elements in surprising new ways. Take advantage of these abilities to make your Glog shine.

  • Look at Glogs in Glogpedia for inspiration on good design, clear presentation of information, and good use of colors and contrasts. 

Go beyond Templates to create something unique, while still using what templates offer you in terms of good tips for design. Your Glog doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s! It doesn’t have to use all of the same backgrounds and styles that are common on Glogster EDU: it can be whatever you want it to be. Your message and your concept can be complex, or they can be simple, but the winning Glog will have a design that strengthens its appeal, and lends weight to its messages and information.

When Does the Contest End? 

Check the contest page for full terms and conditions, as well as a set of rules. The contest will end at midnight EST, December 15th, 2013, so get Glogging! The more Glogs you enter, the more chances YOU have to win.

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