The NextGen Glog Is Now Fully Replacing the Classic Glog

Creation of New Classic Glogs Will Be Unavailable Starting This Week

As you are probably aware, some time ago we introduced the NextGen Glog Editor as a successor to the original Classic Glog Editor. This was done to allow Glogster EDU to continue providing the latest and best tools to our millions of teachers and students on any device or operating system.

Beginning this week, for all registered users of Glogster EDU, it will no longer be possible to create new Classic Glogs. Previously created Classic Glogs will still be available. However, it is highly recommended that users not adapt previously created Classic Glogs, or employ Classic Glogs for Projects.

What’s going to happen to my Classic Glogs?

We know that many teachers on Glogster EDU have invested considerable effort and time in creating incredible content, and many students likewise have poured their creative energies into Glogster EDU, creating a legacy of amazing Classic Glogs that stretches back nearly 4 years, numbering now in the TENS OF MILLIONS of Glogs.

That work, time, love and effort is as valuable to us at Glogster EDU as it is to you. It is at the heart of what Glogster EDU is: a platform for creating and sharing, and building knowledge together. We will work to preserve that content and allow it to continue to thrive on the NextGen Platform.

Within a few months, Glogster EDU will publish instructions on how to update Classic Glogs, transforming them into NextGen Glogs. Users will be free to update their Classic Glogs manually. At some point in the future, once we are sure that a majority of users have taken the time to preserve and update the Glogs that they have invested their time and effort in, we will automatically update the remainder of Classic Glogs, transforming them automatically into NextGen Glogs. At that point, the Classic Glog Engine will be shut down for good.

Why Take the Classic Glog Offline?  

Times change, and we must change with them. While the Classic Glog Editor was enormously popular, and helped shape Glogster EDU into the global platform it has since become, the programming language upon which it was originally based, a version of Adobe Flash, has been superseded a more modern version. In addition, the popularity and spread of mobile devices based on new programming architectures has made support of the Classic Glog Editor untenable. Glogster EDU has seized the opportunity to develop and introduce something entirely new, and totally original: the NextGen Glog Editor. And it is with enormous gratitude that we thank each and every one of our EDUcators who have been with us through this transition.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been inspiring.

What’s Coming Next for NextGen? 

Today, the NextGen Glog Editor has grown into a rich creative environment, supporting a deep and vibrant community of EDUcators and students the world over. And as we move forward, NextGen will ensure that Glogster EDU is available on a variety of software platforms, from Windows to IOS, so that inspiration doesn’t need to take a break until students get to their desks, or until you get home.  And as we continue to focus our efforts on its improvement, you can expect exciting announcements of new features, and new capabilities still to come. Such developments as collaboration mode, in which multiple users can edit the same Glogs, the new EDU Graphic Library, seamless integration of your Glog Library with our upcoming Glog Editor App for iOS, and much, much more.

As the Classic Glog nears its end, we view this time as an exciting new beginning for Glogster EDU: one filled with surprises and wonder. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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