Join The Glogster EDU #Edknow TweetUp!

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 Join the Glogster EDU Team and our Community of educators for the #edknow Twitter Chat!

On Monday, Sep. 9, at 12:00 pm EST, Glogster EDU will be having a Twitter Chat. Our subject for this week will be BYOD: Bring Your Own Device, the Teacher’s Perspective. We’re writing a WhitePaper for all of our users about BYOD, and we want to know what our community thinks is most important, what your experiences are, and what advice you would give to other EDUcators on the subject. Your responses will help shape our views, and become part of our #Edknow Content Initiative.  So jump on in!

What’s a Twitter Chat? 

So glad you asked! A Twitter Chat, or “Tweetup,” is an informal gathering of likeminded people for an open discussion and exchange of ideas on Twitter. It takes place at a specific time, and usually lasts about an hour (although it can last as long as people are tweeting!).

How do I join? 

Make sure you’ve got a Twitter username, and are following @glogsteredu on Twitter. When the event is close to its start time, just enter the search term #Edknow, or use this link, and all of the Twitter Chat tweets from our participants will be displayed.

To post, just include this hashtag: #Edknow, in your tweets, and the rest of the participants will be able to see your contributions. Don’t forget this hashtag when tweeting responses!

Event Details

Date and Time: Monday, Sep. 9, 12:00 pm EST

Where: On Twitter, hashtag #Edknow

Subject of the Chat: BYOD: Teacher Perspectives

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