Glogster EDU Wants Your Contributions For the #EdKnow Initiative

Glogster EDU’s #EdKnow Initiative

Starting this month, Glogster EDU is launching a new Content Initiative, “#EdKnow,” to involve new Educators, administrators, public policy makers, and parents in the world of Education Technology, and provide the building blocks for teachers to get started with digital classrooms, new teaching and lesson planning technologies, and new, Edtech influenced ideas about teaching.

Best of all, we’re doing this by sharing the perspectives and ideas of our teacher community. With over 20 Million Glogs in Glogpedia, the Glogster EDU community has plenty of inspiration for teachers new to technology.

What Will Be the Outcome of This Initiative?

In the coming month, Glogster will be publishing a series of newsletters and Blog posts featuring input from YOU, our Glogster EDU community, as well as from Glogster team members, exploring the world of education technology with exciting, personalized narratives about technology integration, flipped teaching, BYOD solutions, creative teaching, digital citizenship, and lots more. We’ll be collecting these submissions in the forms of articles, videos, Glogs, and more, and publishing our own Glogs, available to every member of our community right from Glogpedia and their user dashboards.

This gives our community of EDUcators the potential of reaching millions of likeminded teachers and administrators who are using the Glogster EDU platform, and easily sharing and learning from the work of their Glogster EDU colleagues across the Globe. It’s an ambitious, exciting project, and we want YOU to be directly involved.

How Can I Get Involved?

Great question! You can get involved by creating a Glog, Blogging, or Vlogging, or making a video presentation (if you’re not sure about how to incorporate everything into one Glog!) about your creative uses of technology in the classroom. and submitting it to be published here on the Glogster EDU Blog!

Tell us the story of how you incorporate creativity and digital resources into your teaching practice; be it through a flipped learning approach, through social networking, through the use of mobile devices, or smart boards. Do you have a WordPress classroom, or do you use Twitter, Edmodo, or Glogster EDU? Write about your experiences so that we can publish them.

Teacher In Classroom

Submit your idea for an article you’d like to write about Teaching with Technology to today!

We’ll be collecting all kinds of content. Whether you’re a podcaster or a writer, or write a Blog, or run a Youtube channel, or a pirate radio station, we’ll accept your submissions. The best, most thought-out and complete submissions, in any format, we’ll share as a part of our monthly newsletters, on our boards at, and here on our Blog, as well as to our followers on Twitter and Facebook.

What Should I Talk About?

We’re looking for well thought-out, well honed works that speak for themselves- not just articles that mention ideas, but that explain them. Not just videos that tell you to do something in your teaching, but videos that show you how it’s done, using multimedia to demonstrate the steps clearly.

We’re also looking for something unique, that hasn’t been published anywhere else yet. Naturally some submissions will bear similarities, and that’s fine. If you feel you have a new take on a perennial topic, we’d love to see it!

Here are some ideas on what kind of content we might accept (although there’s plenty that isn’t on our list!)

  • A Glog, Blog post or video about how to grow and manage an effective, diverse PLN (Personal Learning Network)
  • A Glog, Blog post or video about how to effectively, safely use social networking as part of your teaching practice
  • Glogs, Blog posts or videos about bringing creativity into different subject areas, and using technology to cross disciplines, with examples from real life.
  • Glogs, Blog posts or videos about Digital Citizenship, and how to effectively teach ethical use of technology
  • Glogs, Blog posts or videos about Glogster EDU, and Digital Storytelling, with examples from real classrooms

What Kinds of Things Won’t Work?

We’re not looking for advertisements or link-swapping for promotional purposes. But as long as it isn’t just an advertisement, you can write about any product you use in real life.


We’re also not able to publish anything that has been published somewhere else already.

We’re also not going to post your graduate thesis or academic paper. While we love that you spent so much time and effort on it, we want something that an Educator, an administrator, or a technology specialist can read and refer to easily, and that can be easily shared with that person’s PLN. You could always use a part of that thesis, or even just an abstract of the thesis, and make that into a very engaging blog post. We’d love to be able to publish whatever is sent to us, so the only real “rule” is that it has to be engaging.

This means the content should be geared towards practical, real world advice and experience, and less about theory and philosophical arguments. Don’t get us wrong! We love theory and philosophy, just not for the content in this Initiative.

Got it! Now, How Can I get my work Published??

That’s easy. Email us a proposal for your work, describing in brief what it is you want to say, and how you want to say it. You can send that email to our Content Manager, Lloyd at 

Lloyd or another Glogster EDU team member will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your idea or give you the okay to go ahead. All submissions *will* receive individual responses. Once you’re done, we’ll work with you to make sure your content has an audience, and gets shared as widely as possible

We Can’t Wait to Hear about your Ideas!

Email us your Idea for a Blog post or a Video (or any other Multimedia Presentation) at

What do you think?

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