Summer News and Highlights: Lots Going on at Glogster EDU!

Summer 2013: Community News & Highlights

While it’s summer in America, and most schools have been on break, Glogster EDU has been hard at work. While that may sound like a bummer for some teachers and students who get the summer off, for us it’s exciting! We get to spend the summer improving Glogster EDU, and staying connected with millions of users who stick around during vacation too!

Educators Talking about Glogster EDU

Educator Craig Seasholes (@craigseasholes), created a fantastic presentation this summer for PSESD: Pudget Sound Educational Service District. The presentation showcases a range of Glogs about Glogster EDU, and Digital Learning. Check it out by clicking below!


What’s Glogster Working on?

Lots of neat stuff. Here’s a popular question we’ve been asked a lot.

Yes! We’ve done it at Glogster HQ. Our new iPad app is now beyond the prototype stage, and we are working on the product design and testing for our release of Glogster EDU for ios! The app now works smoothly and intuitively. We’ve found that Glogging is even better on an iPad than it is on a web browser, and because of the multitouch features of an iPad, the interface is more intuitive and more fluid than ever before. Plus, the iPad app includes exciting new features, among them: collaboration on multiple iPads, taking photos and videos directly from real life into a Glog, and importing whole webpages, like wikipedia entries, into a Glog. When are we releasing? We are planning for an October release. This means that Glogster EDU for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will be available in time for the Fall semester in the US!

Attend our Technology Summit! 

Learn more about our plans for the iPad at our Technology Summit, on Wednesday, August 28th at 10:30 EST.

 Tech Summit

Glogster EDU Ambassador Joli Barker’s amazing 40+ Ways to Innovate Teaching with Glogster EDU, has had  over 4,000 readers! Wow!

Jolie Barker: McKinney, TexasI believe that the two most important jobs on Earth are being a parent and teacher.  I take my role as both extremely seriously and approach my classroom as a way to extend the ‘family’ for my students. a- Jolie Barker   From her Blog:  “Fearless Classroom”

Glogster EDU Kudos

Every month, Glogster supports EdCamps and EdConferences with sponsorships, including Glogster EDU licenses for raffles, and other giveaways. And sometimes an EDUcator just wants to let us know we’re loved. Well, you’re all loved too! Here are a few kudos we’ve received this summer:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.43.12 Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.39.35

Christa Herring from Prairie Hills Colorado had this to say:

“It is exciting for me to take a step back and observe students using critical thinking and reasoning skills as they sift through information to pick just the right picture, compose the perfect title, or write an interesting paragraph to convey knowledge of a particular topic. Last year, we created Glogs to wrap up our study of the American Revolution. Students were responsible for making their own digital poster. While some students worked alone, other children quickly collaborated linking Glogs together showing a comprehensive look at the American Revolution. They loved working with Glogster! After finishing our projects, my fifth graders helped two first grade classes to create Glogs of their own to show what they had learned about animals. What a fabulous and motivating way for children to work with other grade levels.”
Christa Herring
Fourth Grade Teacher

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