Glogster EDU Launches Home Edition!

What is Home?

Over the past 3 years, the Glogster Team has watched education technology become a revolution in the way that we think about the roles of teachers and students. As technology and society continue to change more and more rapidly, the role filled by the traditional school system has had to change too, as we discussed deeply in our recent Ebook: Connect to the Revolution.

Another big change that’s been occurring, especially in the United States, is a resurgent interest in Homeschooling. In about a decade, the number of homeschooled students in the US has more than doubled, with the percentage of students primarily learning at home increasing to about 3% of all American students, meaning that today over 2 million American students are homeschooled. And the trend shows signs of speeding up, as learning resources become more affordable, and more accessible to parents and communities outside the public school system.

Why Glogster EDU is Coming Home

Noting this trend, the Glogster Team has created a perfect package to meet the needs of the homeschool environment. Not only does Glogster EDU base itself upon the idea that student oriented learning, in which young learners direct their own paths toward acquiring knowledge and skills, is the shining future of 21st Century education, but homeschooling parents and homeschoolers across American emphatically agree. Creative, self-directed, explorative, and deeply insightful learning is not only up to the truly great parents and teachers among us: students need tools and modes of expression that are relevant to them, and not just to us. That’s what Glogster EDU has been about from the very beginning. The perfect fit.

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Glogster EDU inspires students, anywhere they are.

Glogster EDU inspires students, anywhere they are.

What Glogster EDU Home Edition Can Help Kids Accomplish

We could talk about features first, but Glogster EDU Home Edition is about accomplishments. It’s about the feeling, the knowledge, that you have engaged with a new topic, and that you have learned and produced something of great value to yourself. Here are some things young learners have accomplished with Glogster EDU:

Independent Thinking and Reasoning: Glog creation requires students to think for themselves, and engage with topics in non-passive ways; that they think not only about what something means, but about how that meaning can be expressed to someone else. And there’s no better way to do that than to base learning upon outcomes: creative and engaging projects that kids will enjoy working on, that they will be proud of, and that ask to be shared and cherished.

Creative Skills: Often the first thing that we lose in education when we focus on tests and grades, memorization and repetition, is that learning is about synthesis. Knowledge of something is not very good if we cannot find ways of expressing that knowledge, and that’s why Glogster EDU has been so popular since its inception. Glogster EDU learners connect with the information they are absorbing during the process of synthesizing it into something meaningful that they wish to express: they learn by teaching. They are their own teachers.

Love of Knowledge: Many of us feel that the topics we loved in school were our favorites because we were better at them. But often we forget that we were also better at these topics because we loved them. Because a teacher or one of our parents inspired us to be passionate, and we used that passion to master the subject. It wasn’t work to learn, because we loved knowing more. With Glogster EDU, knowledge is not the only goal, because it doesn’t have to be. We trust that knowledge follows passion, and passion arises from a child’s need to express himself or herself- to understand and to be understood by others. Knowledge is a happy by-product of the love of knowledge. 


But What Are the Features?

Of course we’re proud of our award-winning features too! Here are a few things parents and kids can use Glogster EDU to do:

Organization: Group your kids into classes, to keep track of progress in different subject areas. There’s no limit to the number of classes you create- you can use this feature flexibly to organize different projects and work in many different areas at one time, sending comments and messages specific to different subject areas.

Creativity: Students all over love Glogging. Kids have created over 25 Million Glogs so far, about just about anything you can imagine. There is no limit to what can be done. Drag and drop images, graphics, video and audio directly from your content library into a Glog, and upload, embed or link content from anywhere on the web. It’s that easy! The Glog platform appeals to different learning styles, offering something for each type of learner, and for differentiated learning in every subject.

Templates and Projects: Pick a starting point for any project, and then let your kids take control. Grading and commenting, as well as messaging and sharing on social media, are just a click away. You can choose to assign projects based on specific requirements, or you can take a hands-off approach, and let students direct their own interests. That’s up to you- the tools allow you to take your own approach.

Sharing: Once your child’s creativity is unleashed, there are a variety of ways to publish and share the results. Glogster EDU has tools for organizing Glogs into presentations and portfolios that can be shared across the web. Email these portfolios to friends or relatives, or share them in your Personal Learning Network, or on social media. You can even print them out and put them on the fridge- a classic never goes out of style.

Security: Glogster EDU has industry leading privacy controls. Share and enjoy your child’s creative endeavors safely, knowing that our platform protects your privacy with individual, secure logins, secure private messaging available only between you and your own children, and absolutely no advertising to minors.

Your Homeschoolers Deserve Glogster EDU

Become a part of the Glogster EDU community, and let us share something special with you every single day. All we ask is that you do the same: aspire to do something really creative, and really special with us- when you can, where you can. That’s what the Glogster EDU community is about. To find out more, find us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media around the web, or send us an email today to talk about Glogster EDU Home Edition. We’re at Sales at Glogster-dot-com.

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