Glogster EDU Presents Faculty Edition! And Introducing our New Look!

Glogster EDU is proud to offer our latest creation: Glogster EDU Faculty License!

What is it?

More than just Glogster EDU Premium, the Faculty Edition is specially designed for a group of teachers and their students, led by an administrator, such as a librarian or media specialist. It is an interactive environment where multiple teachers can use Glogster EDU to achieve their common teaching goals.

Glogster EDU Faculty Edition is Community

What makes Faculty Edition special is its support for a community of educators and students working together. Teachers can collaborate with each other to accomplish projects and share lessons, helping each other to build wonderful student portfolios that can be shared and shown off in presentations to parents, and the school community. With Faculty Edition, the possibilities are boundless for creative cooperation.


And it comes at a price too good to pass up. Less than 50 cents per student, per year, or less than a dollar per month for every teacher who uses it.

Introducing All New Features!

Aside from the Horizontal Glog which is also being released for all users today, Glogster EDU Faculty Edition features a new, completely innovative and unique Administrator Dashboard, and a complete Administrator Tour

Click Here to Check it Out!

Based on the powerful award winning User Interface tools developed by the creators of Twitter, Glogster EDU Faculty Edition’s new Administrator Dashboard (now also available as an option for all school and district administrators), is more powerful and easier to use than ever before.

Our New Look

The Glogster Team have been hard at work developing an all new user interface, that will soon set the standard for users across all editions of Glogster EDU Premium. The new look is clear and friendly, with easily readable fonts and very clear buttons and other interactive objects. More than just a look, Glogster EDU’s new interface is powerful as well, and allows for faster and more effective use of all administrator tools. We’re really excited about it, and we know you will be too once you get your hands on it. It’s really amazing!

Wait, There’s More? 

There’s More!

Even better, by popular request, the Glogster EDU team has developed a tour for all administrators- an interactive on-site explanation of all admin functions, accessible at any time. This is the most powerful and user friendly administration tool we’ve ever developed, and it will set a new industry standard.

There Couldn’t Possibly Be More!

There is!

Glogster EDU is excited to announce that we have begun work on many, many other improvements and new features. As we phase out the Classic Glog and begin focusing all of our energy on making the NextGen Glog even better, you’ll see boatloads of great new features being added. For example, we’re working on ways of integrating your own or your favorite Youtube Channel into the Glog editor, for even easier embedding of videos from your collection, or your favorite creators like Khan Academy, and SchoolTube.

We’re also working on a Glogster EDU Commons- a place where graphics and images uploaded by the Glogster EDU community can be tagged, used, and shared by others for creative teaching and learning- also accessible from the Glog Editor.

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