EduTrends Friday: The Backpack of 2025: Prologue

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We’ve been having a chat today about the future of the classroom. I posed this question to the Glogster DEV team: “I’m a 10 year old, and it’s the year 2025. What do I have in my backpack?”

The Glogster Conference Room is not as Futuristically Evil as it looks…

The responses and perspectives that they came up with interested me so much, that I decided to dedicate the next month of EduTrends Fridays to them. An in-depth discussion of what the future of school will be like, and why. For now, I want your responses to this question:

You are Ten Years Old, and the Year is 2025. What do you have in your Backpack?

when I was your age, it took 3 teleport transfers to get to school.


What do you think?

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