Mix Math and Music in a Glog for a Chance to Win a $3000 Grant!

NCTM (National Council for Teacher of Mathematics) are offering grants of $3000 to educators or groups of educators teaching Mathematics to k-2 students. Proposals on a topic combining music and mathematics will be accepted until November 9, 2012.

Why not use Glogster EDU in your proposal? Glogster EDU is the perfect tool for incorporating music and video in learning. Let your students’ skills shine!

If you are a premium user, you could even utilize a Glog that has been reGlogged like this one to feature the combination of music and math in your classroom.

Check out the NCTM website for more details.

Best of luck, and Happy Glogging!

5 thoughts on “Mix Math and Music in a Glog for a Chance to Win a $3000 Grant!

  1. Although I love the concepts of Glogster, I have run into difficulties using it and tech support has been no help at all. In fact when one of our lower school faculty was having problems with missing pictures, the support person left the chat room without notice and posted an away message. If you want people to use this, you need to improve tech support and resolve some of the glitches that have been going on for some time–ie missing pictures and difficulty with embedded videos.


    • Hi Andrea, Thank you for your critiques and ideas. We have been updating our servers on and off throughout the month, mainly to increase the output and the speed for our users. We apologize for any issues you had, if something with our chat option occurs again in the future, try writing our Customer Care team directly at customercare@glogster.com. Thanks!


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