Your Searches Are Now Secure, With Glogster EDU Safe Search

As noted in a previous blog post on the topic, filtering mechanisms for safe searching is a necessity in education. Glogster EDU searching has never been easier or safer for  Google images and Youtube videos. You can access the new safe search options from the Tools menu in our nextgen Glog to find images and videos for new Glogs.

Your student’s security is a responsibility and our priority.

Search safely and confidently for content for your Glogs. These new search features will decrease not only the amount of time it takes to create a Glog, but will ensure a pleasurable, safe experience for you and your students.

An Image and/or Video Search includes an internal Keyword Filter for both Youtube and Google, which prevents users on GlogsterEDU from entering a word from a list of “forbidden words.”

Searches containing any of these words will return no results. This list will continue to be updated, to make sure inappropriate content will be blocked.

-Your Glogster Team

5 thoughts on “Your Searches Are Now Secure, With Glogster EDU Safe Search

  1. wonderful news! I love glogster and so do my students.. we use it every single day in our classroom with reading and Language arts. Love it!


  2. Yay Glogster! Great to have a safe search. Love those glogs. I am one day old into blogging…My idea is to look at researching great science glogs and some how categorize/link them….Just an idea buzzing around. There are so many great glogs!!!


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