Saving Memory … with a Glog

This term in Media, Art and Design we are thinking about our school – us. I told my groups the two stories I’ve made into videos for this Glog, about the way places are inextricably linked with memory.

We know for a fact our Portacabin building will be dismantled when we close in the summer. It’s much less clear what will happen to the grounds, but in the current economic climate we think it unlikely the grounds will stay unsold for any length of time.

Those of us who knew the the pre-fire school, are inclined to think of the building we are in is temporary;  for our students though, it’s the only St. Felix they have known and will have just as many memories as I have of my primary school (how long have you got?).

I’ve never re-visited but knowing it is still there has meant I’ve never had to consider my feelings if it were demolished and built over. The first video on the Glog below describes how one scene of childhood memories was transformed.

The second is about the stories that float invisibly over particular places.

Our plan is that students record a place in the school grounds that holds particular memories for them. Using photographs, sound, video, graphics and words they will create “glogs” (multimedia web pages) about their chosen location.
Each one of those pages will accessed from an interactive map of the school, initially created with, and hosted by Mapsalive. When complete the map will be hosted by Newmarket college.
Glogster have said that they will continue to host our glogs until someone closes our account. Since I have no intention of closing it, the map should remain online for the foreseeable future. An online memory archive for the school.

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