Join our “Bloggers Guild!”

Attention Awesome Bloggers!!

Glogster EDU is looking for some active and interested bloggers to join our “Bloggers Guild”. We need writers who enjoy learning about and teaching with 2.0 tools, trying out new educational technologies, and know and love Glogster EDU.

What is the “Bloggers Guild?”

The “Bloggers Guild” is an ever-growing group of educational bloggers who, from time-to-time, create blog posts about Glogster EDU to inform the public about announcements, releases or events. In return, we promote via social network post and link back to the blogger’s blogs, increasing traffic and views.

How do I sign up?

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our Glogster EDU Bloggers Guild, send an email request to, and we will reply directly with additional directions regarding participation.

Happy Glogging (and blogging!)

Your Glogster EDU team

What do you think?

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