A New ERA of Glogster EDU is here with the Next-Gen Glog tool, Glogpedia content library and Re-Glog

Glogster EDU is committed to living our mission every day to be, and remain, the No.1 creative learning platform that truly impacts and changes education.

Lets take a sneak peak at the newest developments…

The Next-Generation Glog with mobile HTML5 view (we call it G3)

After more than 20,000,000 Glogs were created using our 2nd Generation Glog tool (we call it “Classic Glog”), we’ve empowered a whole new process of creation that is simpler and faster, with drag&drop technology, but even more enjoyable.

With the Next-Gen Glog you don’t have to leave the creation process to access and search media. You can now search the Web or connect to your library on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Youtube.

We will add even more media sources during this school year so you can keep your focus on creative output and not be interrupted by hunting for media in different browser windows. We’ve also completely rebuilt how you work with text to give you more freedom and options.

Additional magic happens after you save the G3 Glog and view it, because it will automatically load an HTML5 Glog if the device doesn’t have a Flash plug-in, or you can manually “Switch to HTML5″ if you want for faster load time.

HTML5 Glog view doesn’t render image frames, video players and graphic effects, but all media & content will work on your iPad or any other HTML5 ready device. If you “Switch to Flash” you will see 100% of what you created. There are lots of other features, and next week you are welcome to explore and try them all.

New dashboard design with Glog selection

“Simplicity” has been the motto for our team, designing a platform for all users. it doesn’t matter if you are 6 or 60, this will be your favorite user-friendly product, now with quick access to all features, especially the Premium ones.

Clicking on the “CREATE NEW GLOG” button will open a selection, where you will still find the “Classic Glog” if you want to continue with the familiar tool you are used to.

The left side selection represents the “Next-Gen Glog with mobile view” where you have option to start from, including 1 blank Glog and 4 basic templates to choose from.

Wait! A template? Yes! The Next-Gen Glog experience offers many exciting future features and the template choice is just one of them.

Your Glog editor starts with prepared objects so you can modify or Drag&Drop an image, video or audio over a current object and it keeps all your settings while just changing the media content.

What does this mean?

Before, what used to take you 30 minutes using the Classic Glog editor format, will now take about 10 minutes! If you had FUN on Glog Projects before, this is FUN + WOW! But the new Glogster EDU is not bringing just 4 templates, Premium users will also have unlimited access to Re-Glog any Glog from our new Glogpedia library.

Glogpedia K12 library with Re-Glog templates & new categories

Filter by “Discipline” and “Subject” to get inspiration and access to best practices. To learn and display digitally on tablets, whiteboards, and mobiles with unique learning objects and if you have a Premium license, you can Re-Glog (make a copy) of any Glog available for Re-Glog. What does it mean?

Any Premium Teacher can prepare a custom “project” during planning time using the Glogpedia library starting this September. Collect the “best of the best” from public Glogs.

Teachers will have the option to save their own Glogs as “Public for Re-Glog” and if the Glog is chosen for the Glogpedia, other Premium users can Re-Glog it for their needs, learning paths and curriculum.

We will constantly update and add your best Glogs to benefit all educators and students “flipping the classroom” with creative learning options.

New “EDUCATOR FREE” product with 10 student sub-accounts

For continued growth and success, we will feed your passion and love for Glogster EDU by offering a great basic free product where anyone can start CREATIVE LEARNING, to “pilot change” of current traditional, paper-based learning methods without facing a budget barrier.

The EDUCATOR FREE account, with 10 student sub-accounts can be upgraded anytime and joined to a School or District Premium license with all your students and Glogs.

Be sure you plan to use Glogster EDU often this school year if you want to engage your students and empower creative student skills.

New “SMART EMBED” code for custom sizes and HTML5 view

You asked, we listened, and you can now easily embed your Glog with the custom size you need for all your school websites, wikis, blogs, projects, promotions and contests.

If you embed Next-Gen Glog, the view will automatically play Glog in Flash or HTML5 depending on the device.


  • FREE = +Next-Gen Glog +10 students
  • LIGHT = +Next-Gen Glog +Glogpedia with full search
  • PREMIUM = +Next-Gen Glog +Glogpedia full search +Re-Glog

Glogster EDU is committed to provide you with the best, the most creative, fun teaching and learning environment possible, and these features are the next step in our adventure. Please send us your feedback so we can continue to grow, to improve and be the best that we can be. Share Glogster EDU with your team, your fellow teachers, friends and students so they too can experience the FUN.

Remember, Glogster is Yours!

30 thoughts on “A New ERA of Glogster EDU is here with the Next-Gen Glog tool, Glogpedia content library and Re-Glog

  1. Yeah !! for the new ‘mobile-smart’ Glogs. Our students in Melbourne Australia can’t wait to start glogging on their iPads like we used to on our pcs. The Glog is such a good space to aggregate student learning.and assessment becomes a celebration class event as each student presents on the IWB. Thanks so much for all the work that must be going on behind the scenes to progress this platform. It can make such a difference in classrooms all round the world.


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  3. I have been using Glogster with language arts for the last 3 years in 2nd and 3rd graders. I totally love it! The kids love it too. This year I began to teach our students how to use glogster and getting them ready for independant work on Glogster… Already they are flying ahead of me! It is the best tool for teaching I have ever used.
    Thank You Glogster Team!
    Mrs. Coomer NC


  4. Hi! Great updates! Are the changes automatically going in effect for all student accounts under a edu teacher premium account? We noticed that new student accounts we made (for new students to our school) have new features, but returning students do not…


  5. Wow! Great updates!
    Do the changes automatically go into effect for all student accounts? We are noticing that new student accounts (for students new to us) have the updates, but returning students do not. Is there something we need to do?


    • Hi Kristen-You might want to get in touch with our customer care team (customercare@glogster.com) with a detailed description of your problem. They are very knowledgeable and prompt with their replies!
      And we appreciate your feedback on the changes!


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  7. Really nice features!! But I have to ask… About the instant search… Is it appropriate for students?? I mean is there any parental control??


  8. Nice improvements! I’ve already taught a workshop for my staff and included a Glog project for my online grad students! Way to go Glog Team!


  9. I have been using this product for a year now, and while I love it, I could love it more! I constantly use the same format and the same items and have had to make a notecard with where to find all the items since they are not “searchable” and there is not fast way to get there. I have often wished for re-glogging but now find I still can’t use it. The option to suggest a glog does not appear available? And is there no way to re-glog one of my own glogs?


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  11. Hi. I am new to Glogster. I noticed that some of the graphics or images pop forward or turn when you click on them in preview mode. How do you obtain this feature with and without using a blank/existing template. i cannot see to figure it out.


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