Join Glogster EDU’s New Template Mission!

You put awesome talent and energy into your educational Glogs every day. Making creative, engaging Glogs that also function as learning tools is no easy feat! To make the most of your work and help others, Glogster EDU has begun the long-awaited “Template Mission”!!

What is the “Template Mission”?

Since you are THE best source of educational material available, Glogster EDU felt you should have the opportunity to share your Glogs in the form of “templates”, so others can utilize and then modify them to fit their specific classroom needs.

How to Participate?

Tag your best Glogs with the appropriate tags (“How to Tag Your Own Glog”), and then read more about the mission details, complete the form, and submit.

Why should I participate?

There are multiple reasons to participate. By submitting your Glogs you are giving other teachers the benefit of using your project lessons. You will help build a more knowledgeable and greater EDUcator community, and your contributions will ensure that Glogster resources are rated the best of the best.

If your Glog is chosen as a template, you also will feel a sense of accomplishment, and success knowing that you have contributed. You will also be recognized on our Blog and social sites, as well as receive an additional year on your current EDU license!

Submit today to get the process started!

Happy Glogging!!!

4 thoughts on “Join Glogster EDU’s New Template Mission!

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