Glogster EDU Community Star Outreach-Episode 4

This week’s interview is with veteran teacher, Lynda Hall of Kamloops, BC, Canada. Lynda loves new technology, and she has used nearly every tool imaginable in her classroom, including Skype for Education, Quizlet, QR codes  as well as many other educational tools. Lynda also writes a great technology blog where she documents her experiences with these tools, including a great entry about Glogster EDU. 

Check out our interview with Lynda:

“Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little about your job, hobbies, and interests.”

“I am a secondary classroom teacher from Kamloops, BC, Canada.  I have been teaching Physical Education, Social Studies and English for 17 years and along with my classroom duties, I am also the Technology Coordinator for my school.  As Technology Coordinator, my main responsibility is to encourage the educational use of technology among colleagues through collaboration and mentoring.  I am also working towards a Masters degree in Educational Technology and Design from the University of Saskatchewan.  I am very passionate about integrating technology into my teaching practice and love to share what I have learned with other educators. On a personal note, I am an absolute sports fanatic, die-hard animal lover and hard-core outdoor enthusiast.”

“How did you get started with Glogster EDU and how do you like it?”

“I have used GlogsterEDU for several years now – found it by surfing the web. It is by far the most reliable web tool I have used. Sometimes it will run slow on our school computers but that is an IT issue (file size seems to overload the system) not a Glogster EDU issue. Students work really hard to create rich presentations because they know the rest of the world can view their work. In fact, I invite parents to view student work and even help assess the work as well. I really like having the ability to monitor student progress using the teacher account – that way I can really stay on top it. Students like Glogster EDU, especially the ones who are weak artists as they feel better about being assessed by their knowledge on the topic rather than the artwork of a poster done on paper.”

“Tell us a little more about your blog: ‘The De-tech-tive 4 Teachers‘”

“‘The De-tech-tive 4 Teachers’is a technology blog I started just a couple of months ago. A colleague encouraged me to ‘break out of my comfort zone’ to share the cool things I do in my classroom. I really appreciate her support because in a short time span, I have met some incredible like-minded teachers from around the world who share my passion for technology and teaching. It is very motivating, and I realize that I do have a lot to share as well.”

“What are some educational tools that you regularly use? How do you implement them, and how have your students reacted?”

“Wow, where to start. Socrative, Weebly, Wordle, Wiffiti, SmartBoard, Flubaroo, Flipsnack, QR codes, Quizlet, Skype, Glogster EDU, etc. I use many apps as well. There really isn’t a day that we don’t use technology of some sort. Honestly, I just go for it. Sometimes it works out and other times not. The students love it, especially when things are not going well and they are able to fix the issue. They love teaching me things too, as I love learning from them. Of course, with any new teaching method, each time gets better.”

“Are there any educational tools that just didn’t work out for you?”

“VoiceThread – again this is not an issue with the web tool but rather our computer system at school. I will try VoiceThread again next school year as there have been improvements – in particular, with the audio.”

“Many educators are hesitant to introduce new types of educational tools to their students because they are not familiar with them (for example, Twitter/Skype/Glogster EDU/etc…) What advice would you give to them?”

Just go for it! Be a daredevil! It really comes down to confidence. I encourage, support, suggest, offer to assist, do presentations on web tools – whatever it takes to get my colleagues going. I find that once they get started, it is hard to stop! 🙂 “

Weekly Community Highlights

Check out middle school teacher, James Gorcesky, educating his coworkers on the benefits of Glogster EDU!

Have a look at this short video highlighting the benefits of giving adequate time to your students to complete projects.

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