Glogster EDU Community Star Outreach-Episode 3

This weeks interview is with Dr. Torria Davis Bond, a Glogster EDU Ambassador, and author of Flipping the Classroom With GlogsterEDU,  available now in the iBookstore. ‘Flipping the classroom’ is a strategy that many educators are considering, but have many questions around implementation, structure, and management. This is why we were so pleased to spend time with Torria and get some insight into her use of this unique teaching model.

Check out our interview with Torria:

“Please tell us a little bit about yourself”

“I am an educator with expertise in the areas of teacher education, issues of diversity, and curriculum and course design. I have published book reviews, co-authored a research article, presented at regional and international education conferences, and was recently acknowledged by my peers in the “Blackboard Community” for exemplary course design. I enjoy sharing my 20+ years of experience in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, as well as my understanding of course management systems, learning theories, and instructional design principles to mentor university professors in their efforts to infuse technology and create interactive and engaging online courses for adult learners. This work is of the utmost importance to me because I believe, as stated by Peter Drucker: ‘We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change, and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.’  I enjoy blogging about online teaching and learning strategies found  at Currently, I am an instructional designer and adjunct professor for the division of Online and Professional Studies at California Baptist University; and a member of Abundant Living Family Church. I am also active in the media ministry and married 19 years with three children, ages 22, 19, and 16.”

“How did you first get interested in Glogster EDU? What are some of the benefits of being an Ambassador, in your opinion?”

“I became interested in Glogster EDU when I first saw it presented in a workshop at the ‘Computer Using Educators’ (CUE) conference in Palm Springs, CA. As part of my mentoring with the faculty of the Online and Professional Studies (OPS) Division of California Baptist University, my goal is to help faculty create engaging and interactive courses online. Glogster EDU’s platform is a creative way to avoid fully text-based courses and honor the various learning modalities present in an online course. Immediately, I infused Glogster EDU into my professional development seminars and webinars for faculty-since then, many of our faculty have gravitated toward Glogster EDU and use it regularly. For training purposes, I introduced our faculty to the free version of Glogster EDU. However, since I became an ambassador, my faculty and I have access to the premium version of GlogsterEDU which allows us to manage groups of students. It’s awesome!!”

“Your iBook: Flipping the Classroom With GlogsterEDU, was recently made available in the iBookstore. For those who are unfamiliar with the strategy, can you please explain what is a  ‘flipped classroom’? 

“One of the benefits to taking blended and fully online classes for learners is the flexibility to pursue your educational goals, anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. That was the guiding premise when creating the iBook on Flipping the Classroom With GlogsterEDU. Our faculty needs the same flexibility to pursue their professional development goals with respect to teaching online. We offer our faculty seminars, webinars, and now an iBook on a professional development topic of interest to them that they can consume anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

A ‘flipped classroom’ is one of many teaching techniques that should only be implemented after giving consideration to your learner population – i.e. maturity, study habits, professional and life experiences, and learning outcomes for a course or unit of study. While I enjoy implementing the ‘flipped classroom’ concept, it is not appropriate for all learning contexts.  That being said, a ‘flipped classroom’ has students engage with passive activities outside of class time so that class time is spent engaging with peers and interacting with content, simply put. It is a useful strategy in any delivery format. The iBook on this subject highlights how a ‘flipped classroom’ approach can be utilized in higher education for professional development seminars, community building, lesson presentations, and assessments across all delivery formats.”

“What are some beginners tips you could give on how to start, and how to help students succeed with this concept?”

“Before you apply any new methodology to your whole classroom, know your learners (as previously mentioned), and then start small. Consider beginning by teaching one unit using the approach, and then evaluate the results. In my case, a blended approach to professional development seminars was used. ‘Pre-seminar’ activities were planned so that we could spend more time on engaging with colleagues and the content. These activities included a recorded webinar on the basics of using our LMS, a list of five web tools for which they needed to create free accounts, and a journal article that provided a conceptual framework for the seminar. As a result, seminar time was spent highlighting elements of the conceptual framework versus explaining it; creating content with the web tools versus the non-professional development task of setting up accounts; and learning how to embed web content into the LMS, versus learning how to use the various tools  in the LMS.  It’s also important to note that no individual strategy should be overused. Once the novelty is gone, many times diminished effectiveness becomes evident. So keep in mind that the ‘flipped classroom’ approach is just one technique that is best implemented among other complimentary techniques.”

Weekly Community Highlights

Check out a great blog post by one of our Ambassadors, Beth Crumpler, on why educators should use Twitter.

Glogster EDU isn’t just a great educational tool, it can function as a great tool to create a fun and interesting resume!

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