Glogster EDU Community Star Outreach-Episode 2

In this weeks edition of Glogster EDU Community Star Outreach, we have interviewed one of our Glogster EDU Ambassadors, Davene Meehan, or as you all may know her, Tehescmarts. Davene got her unique Glogster EDU nickname from her various certifications: Technology, Health, Sciences (Earth/Space, General, Biology, and Physics), Math (6-12), and Art. And that’s not the ONLY interesting thing we found out!

Check out our interview with Davene:

“To begin with, how did you get introduced to Glogster EDU?”
“District workshop offering.”

“What made you interested in Glogster EDU, and what compelled you to use it in the classroom? Also, how long have you been using it?

“Very easy to use. I saw the potential of Glogster EDU as a place to put research and put it in a format that was more interesting than a list of URLs. I made the Moon before a workshop, Glog afterwards. Showed students how to use Glogster Edu and gave them the option of a Glog instead of a slide show or poster for their projects. It did not take long to realize lesson information could be put in a Glog. I’ve been using Glogster EDU for one and a half years-236,000 views.”

“How do your students feel about Glogster EDU use in the classroom?” 

“Students loved the new format. In fact they would come back to school on a Monday and show me a Glog not even assigned.”

“Was it a big change to go from traditional types of homework/posters to a multimedia platform like the one we offer?”

“No more running out of glue sticks, messy glitter, or large piles of posters to throw away. I miss student pride in seeing their posters displayed, so we use a large digital photo frame to cycle through printouts of their Glogs Glogs.”

“What are some of your favorite features of Glogster EDU?”

“One favorite feature is being able to display information in multiple formats–image, and video–accessed anytime, anywhere. The presentation feature has been great to keep Glogs in the proper order. The nicest people work at Glogster Edu. Also, Autosave!”

“What are some things that bother or have bothered you in the past ?”

“It often takes 3-4 load attempts even though everything else loads immediately. The draw feature keeps copying drawings in the background, once I had 109 pages of the same drawing. It’s time consuming to keep deleting them. Occasionally, inappropriate comments are made and have to be deleted. Past problems seem to have been taken care of-inappropriate advertising, and students running amok in the blog area, obviously not on task.”

“You mentioned in the email you sent me that you would like to go to England. Any particular reason? (And don’t you want to come visit us in Prague as long as you are over here?)”

“Of course I would love to come to Prague! However, the Swindon, England trip is the very first time I will have been to Europe. Two other ambassadors from the U.S. will also be going. We are going to develop lesson paths at a workshop in regard to using serious gaming in the classroom, and how to incorporate Glogster Edu. It will be amazingly exciting to collaborate with teachers of various subjects and various countries!!!  OMG, OMG, OMG! But no time for visiting…Perhaps you can come visit me?! ” 

“I will definitely think about it! Finally, what advice would you give other teachers who have thought about using Glogster EDU in the classroom, but aren’t really sure how to implement it or if it will work for them?” 

“Do it! Go for it! Your creativity will enliven your classroom, and you will have ready access to everything you need. Your students will be engaged and enthused while learning. The Glogster Edu site is very helpful. I will help. Here’s a link to my Glog on Glogging”

“Thank you for your responses and your help in making Glogster EDU a great educational tool! We appreciate you!”

“You’re welcome!”

Weekly Community Highlights

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Next weeks’ Community Star, Dr. Torria Bond, at ISTE2012 with Robin Ramos and Deena Kelly from our GlogsterEDU team!

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