Donna Criswell: Glogster EDU is a Powerful Tool in Support of Multimodial Literacy

As an Instructional Technology Integrator and GlogsterEDU Ambassador, it shouldn’t surprise me when I encounter Glogster mentioned in an article, journal, course, etc., but sometimes it simply does..!

Just recently, our middle school librarian shared an article with me that talked about a professional development model she thought might work for a PLC that we have going in our district.

As I was reading “Risks, Rewards and Responsibilities of Using New Literacies in Middle Grades”, by Margaret C Hagood, from Voices from the Middle, (a journal by the National Council of Teachers of English), I was pleasantly surprised (proud, actually!) to see GlogsterEDU mentioned as one of the tools suggested to support “teaching with technology” and the “new literacies.”

In fact, it was suggested as a powerful tool in support of Multimodial Literacy.

Multimodal literacy, a 21st Century Literacy skill, is defined on the ReadWriteThink website, which ALSO happens to mention GlogsterEDU with an entire Strategy Guide section devoted to this amazing tool!

Check it out.. Using Glogster to Support Multimodal Literacy!

Donna Gath Criswell, Instructional Technology Specialist

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