Glogster EDU Will Be Part of Google’s Chromebook

The 21st century educational platform, GlogsterEDU, is one of the applications found on the newest version of Google Chromebook’s  Education App Pack: a set of apps recommended by the community, schools, teachers and users for a richer educational experience.

This great pairing will be announced during ITSE 2012 at the Google booth. You as an EDUcator will have the opportunity to receive a huge discount on our products if your district adopts the Google Chromebook.

Combining the power of  Google Chromebook, and the creative learning tools/innovations from GlogsterEDU  will result in the most rewarding learning experience possible! We hope to see you and your students using this combination to create a new approach to learning! 

What is a Chromebook, anyway?

Approximately one year ago, Google announced a “new kind of computer” and a new program aimed at schools: Chromebooks for Education.

These new devices look like laptops, but they run on Google’s new operating system Chrome OS and are truly Web-based and Web-centric. There is no local storage and no software. In other words, everything runs through Chrome:

Remember this? Discovery recommends GlogsterEDU

Where and when I can learn more?

If you are coming to ISTE 2012, stop by the GlogsterEDU booth, #2008, or visit our presentation at the Google booth. If you are unable to attend, please visit this blog daily for additional updates.

We need your help!

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