Standardized test prep? Flip it!

Today, Glogster EDU Ambassador Robin Keating shares how she uses the flipped classroom approach to prepare her students for standardized tests.

I have been using Glogster EDU for my flipped classroom often this year.  Presently we are in a review period for our state test, the STAAR.  For each unit, the students view a Glog to review videos and songs, play games, and read notes.  I also include a mystery person for them to identify as an accountability piece.

They have two days to review the Glog material.  On the third day, I assign an in-class project for students to complete based on what they reviewed on the Glog.  With this approach, I don’t have to do whole group instruction; I can plan activities that review the necessary skills while I pull small groups off to the side for more personal attention.   I post all the Glogs on my Wikispace so my students can access them easily.

I love the idea to include a “mystery person” to hold students accountable for reviewing the Glogs. (Hiding Justin Beieber behind an image of a present? Genius!) Robin turns a potentially snore-inducing task like standardized test prep into a fun, hands-on activity that students can move through at their own pace.

Do you incorporate flipped methods into your test prep? Can you think of other ways to make test prep more engaging?

Tomorrow, Glogster EDU Ambassadors will show how they adapt flipped classroom strategies to younger learners. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Standardized test prep? Flip it!

    • Click on the Glog on the left to open it in full view. Do you see how when you click on the present, the image of Justin Beiber pops up?

      You do this by placing a photo into your Glog, and then adding a graphic (in this case a present) right on top of it. In the edit tool, you’ll see the option to “move to front” — make sure the present is moved to front, so the photo lies behind it. You won’t be able to see the photo, but once you click on the graphic, the photo pops up.

      Hope that was clear! Let me know if you have any questions.


      • ROTFL!!!! That is soooo fun! I’m going to weave that idea into a professional development activity. It’ll be a good “brain break”. Thx


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