My Internet Classroom

Guest post by Glogster EDU Ambassador Rositsa Mineva, a primary English Language Teacher from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

To make learning accessible both at home and in school, I created an “internet classroom” for my students using Glogster EDU and a classroom wiki.

While my students are home, I can connect with them through Skype, which is an easy and fast way for me to give directions as well as get student feedback. If I want to communicate with my students outside of the classroom, I give them a link through Skype. They can use internet resources (e-textbookse- tests, online exercises, projects, and other forms of project-based learning on different topics) freely from home. This improves students’ language and time management skills.

Example of a Test Preparation Glog

With Glogster EDU, students have the opportunity to interact in a safe, digital environment. With their student accounts, they can create Glog presentations or simply Glog about a  topic that interests them.

Project-based learning is accessible and fun for students on the site.  This kind of learning fosters teamwork, keeps students engaged in course content, and makes teaching and learning more fun.

This type of activity leads to the development of key skills which real 21st century students need: critical thinking, collaboration, presentation, and digital literacy skills.

Creating a digital learning environment with Glogster EDU, communicating with my students on Skype, and collaborating with them on a class wiki facilitates positive student-teacher relationships and allows both to explore Web 2.0 and learning concepts together.

Here are the resources I use in my online classroom:

My Glogster EDU profile

My class wiki 



Online exercises 

Glog projects 

Project-based learning

Glog presentations

Web 2.0 resources wiki

Bridge Learning from Home to School: Create an IT classroom with wiki, Skype, and Glogster

My Internet Classroom Glog

7 thoughts on “My Internet Classroom

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  2. This is fascinating. It just goes to show how much can be done with Glogster. I am attempting to pull away from the textbook and use OER to design a curriculum that will allow students to more through at their pace and using their learning styles. But what you have done to turn the texts around into interactive learning is one that should be looked at closer. Perhaps there is a way to blend both worlds. I would love to learn more about how you did the Glogsters and see whether what I am developing would blend well.


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