Fun with the Google Chromebook

We received a special package in the mail today – a Google Chromebook! It’s small and light, boots up quickly, and couldn’t be simpler to use. A great netbook for easy student access to Web 2.0 sites like Glogster EDU.  I’ve been hogging it in the office all morning (sorry, guys!) for basic web browsing, Google Docs, Glogging, and blogging (on it now, in fact), and the battery is still going strong. If you or your students spend most of your time on your laptop online, then a simple Chromebook might be the way to go.

Glogging on the Chromebook

Mike will be demonstrating Glogster EDU on the Chromebook at FETC next week. Stop by the Google booth (#1101) on Thursday, January 26 between 1:45 and 2:00 PM to see this baby in action.

Does anyone else have a Chromebook? Considering cloud computers for your students? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Fun with the Google Chromebook

  1. Except the lack of flash i am having fun with my ipad. I can even take it with me to bed. Google chromebook looks quiet small to carry, not as small and light as an ipad but it is definitely better than regular size heavy laptop. I am curious how about technical specs of this notebook? Is it powerful enough for day to day tasks for an average user?
    In any case have fun.


  2. That’s right, Chromebooks are a new type of computer: lightweight and fast to use; security built-in to protect against viruses or malware; one click-access to a world of apps and the web. It’s a faster, simpler and more secure computer. Regards


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