School Spotlight: The Independence School

When Sheila Fredericks saw how powerful and easy Glogster EDU was, knew she had to incorporate it into her classroom.

Fredericks, a Technology Teacher and Coordinator at the Independence School in Newark Delaware, is using Glogster EDU to provide her students with an innovative 21st century education.

According to Fredericks, Glogster EDU improves their research skills as well as their creativity. Her  students “not only learn how to express their creativity. They also learn how to search for digital information and then share it effectively using digital media.” In a digital society like today, these skills are vital in their growth as students and future leaders.

It is well known that Glogging helps promote creative self-expression. With Fredericks’ technology students, it also builds creative thinking and communication skills.

In the lab, Fredericks can’t help but notice how technology motivates her students to do well. “I’ve found that students peer review each other’s work and then work harder on their own projects. Students learn from each other and communicating ideas builds global understanding.”

Students are not only able to share their Glog creations with their teachers and students; they’re able to share them with the world.

Using Glogster EDU in the classroom brings a new level of excitement to Fredericks’ technology classes.  “I love the excitement in the lab when students are using Glogster,” Fredericks said. “You can feel the enthusiasm and watch the exchange of ideas and collaboration.”

The students love it! Because of their experiences with Glogster in the classroom, some students are starting to use Glogster on their own time. One of Fredericks’ students decided to use Glogging as an alternative to blogging. With Glogs, she’s able to use videos, pictures, animations, etc. to convey her feelings.

What’s next? Fredericks’ 5th graders, who recently studied insects, have a fun new project on the agenda. They will take one of the insects they collected and create a Glog on the insect, incorporating 5 fun facts and pictures of each stage of the life cycle. They’ll also incorporate a video element into their Glog through Discovery Education.

We wish Mrs. Fredericks’ class a happy Glogging experience!

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