Announcing the FCCLA Virtual Poster STAR Event

With the requirements that come along with standardized testing, curriculum benchmarks, and all the strains on your teaching schedule, it may be hard to find an opportunity to focus on the less tangible aspects of education: character development, leadership skills, responsible decision-making.  That’s where the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America come in. The mission of the FCCLA is to “promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences Education.”

Glogster EDU is teaming up with the FCCLA to sponsor the Virtual Poster STAR Event. Participants create a Glog related to one of the following categories: Eat Right, Be Fit, and Make Healthy Choices. Along with informative text, images, graphics, and data, the Glog must include an embedded video of the participant presenting their Glog to an audience. View requirements and rubrics here.

Any nationally affiliated FCCLA chapter member may submit an entry. To be eligible, you must register for the STAR event and post your complete projects (Glog, project identification page, FCCLA planning process summary page, and bibliography) on the school/FCCLA chapter website or wiki. View the project requirements for a detailed description of each component.

The deadline for first-round submissions is February 1, 2012. 20 finalists will be invited to present their Glog and give an oral presentation at the 2012 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida during the summer.

If you have any questions, contact FCCLA’s STAR Events staff at

The FCCLA STAR Event is a great opportunity to teach your students valuable research, organization, and presentation skills in highly relevant content areas. If you’re just getting started with Glogster EDU, this is the perfect time to jump right in!

Are you planning to enter? Have a good idea on how to incorporate the STAR Event into your existing curriculum? Let us know in the comments!


School Spotlight: New Milford High

Mrs. Keesing, the Library Media Specialist at New Milford High School in New Milford, NJ,  collaborated with World History teacher Ms. Perna on a Glogster EDU project designed to engage 9th grade students in their Monarchs of Europe unit.

As the students were finishing their unit, Mrs. Keesing provided them with their login information and basic instructions for using Glogster EDU.  Students chose one of the monarchs they studied to highlight in their Glogs.  Among the elements to include were the following: name of monarch and monarchy; image of monarch; description of monarch’s residence; monarch’s proudest achievement; and a comparison illustrating the superiority of the chosen monarch over a rival monarch.  Some students embedded a video clip to enhance their project.

Here are a few of the final projects. Click on the image to view the full size Glog.

Louis XIV of France

Louis XIV: The Sun King

Maria Theresa

Louis XIV

Louis XIV

Pretty snazzy, eh? Thank you to Mrs. Keesing, Ms. Perna, and principal Eric Sheninger for showing us how New Milford uses Glogster EDU.

How does your school use Glogster EDU? If you’ve got a great lesson plan idea or just want to show off your students’ masterpieces, we’ll feature you in the next “School Spotlight.” Let us know in the comments!

Using Glogster EDU in Health Class

When I stumbled upon Saucon Valley Middle School Health and P.E. Teacher Philip Russell‘s podcast on Twitter, I knew I had to get in touch with him. Listen to that voice! In this podcast, Phil describes how he used Glogster EDU for an anti-bullying project with his students.×200.swf?phlogId=40618&phonecastId=103332&channelInView=WEBSITE_CHANNEL_40618&callInView=local_20111013231543

Phil graciously offered to bring out the webcam this time. This short video shares how his students use Glogster EDU in Health class to research and present info about physical activity, drugs and alcohol, mental and emotional disorders, and more.

Thanks so much for sharing your classroom with us, Phil. To all the students at Saucon Valley — keep up the great work!

Need a Glog idea for your business class? Check this one out!

      Talkin ’bout OUR Generation

Great Glogster EDU Example!

In Rachel Winchel’s Business English class, she gave her students an assignment that really allowed them to utilize their research skills AND creativity.

They were assigned t0 work in groups to investigate a business person relevant to THEIR world.

The students then joined together and collaborated their research onto a Glog. Click on the image of the Glog to see it! It contains some great interactive examples of Glogs featuring Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling and the Google guys.

This assignment really captures what Glogster EDU is all about. Innovation, creativity and collaboration!

Award-winning Glogster EDU projects

Glogs have been catching the eye of educational award judges since their debut in 2007. If you’re looking for a creative, show stopping format for a contest entry or grant application, look no further than Glogster EDU!

Here’s a collection of Glog projects that have taken home the prize:

  • Students from Arrowhead Elementary in Broken Arrow, OK won $25,000 through the Classroom Connection program with their Glogster project. Read the article here.
  • Mary Carole Strother, teacher-Librarian and Bryce Kennaugh, second-grade teacher, from Finch Elementary School in McKinney, TX won the ISTE 2011 Innovation Award for their project using Glogster EDU, Maybelle the Cockroach.
  • Tracy Blazosky’s class website nominated for Best Educational Wiki in the 2010 Edublog Awards.
  • Greetings from the World, featuring Glogs from countries around the world, won Best Educational Wiki in the 2009 and 2010 Edublog Awards and was shortlisted in the same category in the 2011 Edublog Awards.

Glogster EDU has won its share of awards, too! Excuse us while we toot our own horn (just a bit):

  • Finished in 2nd place in the 2011 EduBlog Awards in the “Best Free Web Tool” category.

Come to our Webinars!

I’m excited to announce that the Glogster EDU team is starting up a series of regular Webinars. December’s Webinar topic is School and District Licenses. 

Learn how to use Glogster EDU to collaborate with your entire school or district, so ALL your teachers and students can get inspired! With a School or District License, your learners can interact with all the teachers in their community using a single student account. Jim, Brian, and Mike will guide you through all the basics of School and District Premium Licenses:  teacher invitations, student administration, the “3 P’s” (Projects, Presentations, and Portfolios), and more.

If you’ve been thinking about sharing Glogster EDU with your school or district or are just curious about how it works, please stop in! The Webinars usually last about an hour, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

You must register to attend. Registration is open to everyone, but only the first 100 attendees will be admitted to the Webinar, so get there early to secure your spot! The first Webinar is tomorrow — register below!

Register for Tuesday, December 13 at 5 PM EST

Register for Wednesday, December 14 at 3 PM EST

Register for Thursday, December 15 at 4 PM EST

Register for Tuesday, December 20 at 5 PM EST

Register for Wednesday, December 21 at 3 PM EST

Register for Thursday, December 22 at 4 PM EST

Register for Tuesday, December 27 at 5 PM EST

Register for Wednesday, December 28 at 3 PM EST

Hope to see you there!

School Spotlight: The Independence School

When Sheila Fredericks saw how powerful and easy Glogster EDU was, knew she had to incorporate it into her classroom.

Fredericks, a Technology Teacher and Coordinator at the Independence School in Newark Delaware, is using Glogster EDU to provide her students with an innovative 21st century education.

According to Fredericks, Glogster EDU improves their research skills as well as their creativity. Her  students “not only learn how to express their creativity. They also learn how to search for digital information and then share it effectively using digital media.” In a digital society like today, these skills are vital in their growth as students and future leaders.

It is well known that Glogging helps promote creative self-expression. With Fredericks’ technology students, it also builds creative thinking and communication skills.

In the lab, Fredericks can’t help but notice how technology motivates her students to do well. “I’ve found that students peer review each other’s work and then work harder on their own projects. Students learn from each other and communicating ideas builds global understanding.”

Students are not only able to share their Glog creations with their teachers and students; they’re able to share them with the world.

Using Glogster EDU in the classroom brings a new level of excitement to Fredericks’ technology classes.  “I love the excitement in the lab when students are using Glogster,” Fredericks said. “You can feel the enthusiasm and watch the exchange of ideas and collaboration.”

The students love it! Because of their experiences with Glogster in the classroom, some students are starting to use Glogster on their own time. One of Fredericks’ students decided to use Glogging as an alternative to blogging. With Glogs, she’s able to use videos, pictures, animations, etc. to convey her feelings.

What’s next? Fredericks’ 5th graders, who recently studied insects, have a fun new project on the agenda. They will take one of the insects they collected and create a Glog on the insect, incorporating 5 fun facts and pictures of each stage of the life cycle. They’ll also incorporate a video element into their Glog through Discovery Education.

We wish Mrs. Fredericks’ class a happy Glogging experience!

Vote for the 2011 Edublog Awards!

Update: Thanks to your support, Glogster EDU finished in second place! Thanks again to everyone who voted!

Glogster EDU is proud to be nominated for the 2011 Edublog Awards! We’re up for best free web tool.

Vote for Glogster EDU!CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

To vote for Glogster EDU, select “best free web tool” in the nominations category, and then select “Glogster.” You can vote once per day per category from the same IP address. If your school uses one IP address, make sure to remind your teachers and students to vote from home (or from their phones)!

Wondering who else to vote for? We’ve got a few suggestions:

To view all nominations and related links, check out this handy spreadsheet.

Don’t forget – you can vote once per day in each category. Vote as many times as you can before voting closes on 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday,  December 13th. Winners will be announced the following day.

Good luck, everyone! Go Glogster EDU!

Make your Wikis POP with Glogster EDU!

Guest post by Kevin Jarrett of NCS-Tech.

Just about everyone reading this will probably agree that Wikis (websites anyone can edit) are AWESOME, powerful tools that are great for use in education. My personal favorite wiki service, Wikispaces, offers a plethora of features and functionality along with a compelling, simple user interface (UI). They also offer free upgraded wikis to educators. What’s not to like?

Like Wikis...Well, since they are primarily text-based, wikis often lack visual appeal. I am reminded of the quote made famous in the 1990 Dudley Moore comedy Crazy People: “Buy Volvos. They’re boxy, but they’re good.” Wikis, too, are “boxy but good.” A typical wiki will use text content laid out via tables, possibly some embedded images and maybe a few HTML tricks to improve its appearance, but, wikis fundamentally lack direct support for graphical, interactive, animated user interfaces.

That’s where Glogster EDU comes in! Consider, as just one example, the fantastic eToolBox wiki curated by my friend and colleague Dianne Krause (follow her on Twitter –@diannekrause):

WSD eToolbox by Dianne Krause

(To see the Glogster component of Dianne’s wiki in it’s own full-screen glory, click here.)

Whoa! That’s a wiki? You betcha! As you can see the main content area of this wiki is chock full of crisp graphics, helpful animations (try mousing over some of the targets on that page), embedded video and more. That’s the power of Glogster EDU– it’s EASY to create STUNNING designs that help your visitors quickly locate the information they want on a wiki.

Here’s another example, one I did myself, for the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) 2011 convention, the largest gathering of its kind in the world:

Visit the High Tech Hall wiki:

(And just for comparison sake, be sure to check out the alternate version I developed for iOS and other devices that don’t support Flash. What a difference!)

So how does this work? It’s pretty simple. The Glogster “front end” (as I call it) is built as the last step in the wiki creation process. You will need the wiki page addresses (URLs) for each of the sections (or “targets”) and some idea of how you want to lay out the page. You will use Glogster’s amazingly simple interface (shown below) to insert the link to each section using whatever Glogster design element you want.

Glogster editing interface

In other words, you basically build the Glogster to navigate to the various sections of your wiki by adding elements to the page with hyperlinks. (Doing so creates the nifty “pink circle” animation mouseover effect that confirms for the user they are about to click a hyperlink.) Once the Glog is done, you insert it using the Wikispaces “embed widget” – made even easier since Glogster and Wikispaces “talk to each other” and are directly integrated! See below!

Yep! That’s it! Build your wiki, create your Glog, embed, press OK, you’re done!

Glogster EDU is an amazing, powerful tool that lets you easily create interactive multimedia posters for any purpose. In this post, I’ve talked about how a Glog can enhance a wiki. You could easily use a Glog as a standalone website, since each Glog has its own unique URL. With unlimited storage, a huge collection of available graphics, the ability to upload your own media (images as well as video), and many eye-popping animations, Glogster EDU is a powerful tool for classroom use. One final note: the Glogster EDU learning curve is so gentle that kids teach themselves how to use it. Check out Glogster EDU today!

Kevin Jarrett is a Technology Facilitator, School District Webmaster, and Google Certified Teacher at Northfield Community School in Northfield, NJ.