School Spotlight: Downingtown STEM Academy

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Inventive, Creative, Investigative, and Dynamic.

These are the kinds of students that the newly established STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Math) Academy in Downingtown, Pennsylvania strives to develop. To assist with this development, teachers at the Academy have added Glogster EDU to their project-based curriculum.

For years, teachers and students have been using programs such as Prezi and Power Point for creative projects. Now, the STEM Academy is using Glogster EDU to help students experience a more creative, dynamic, and innovative method of learning and presenting.

The creative design features on Glogster EDU really allow the students to experience a new level of digital expression.

Kelli DiVito a Technology Education teacher at the Downingtown STEM Academy is one of the teachers utilizing Glogster EDU in the classroom.

“I like all the options Glogster has for setting it up and making it the students’ own,” DiVito said. “It’s an alternative to the standard programs we use like Prezi and Power Point.”

Glogster EDU was not just a temporary experiment within the STEM Academy Curriculum. According to DiVito, Glogster EDU was outlined in the “Engineering by Design” curriculum.

The Downingtown STEM Academy strives to provide their students with an education that is dynamic, relevant, and rigorous, and both the students and teachers want to uphold that mission. DiVito strives to “expose students to all types of opportunities and technologies to accomplish our objectives.”

They have developed an educational model that features high quality, project-based education as well as independent, group-based investigations designed to create an enthusiasm for discovery, invention, and application.

In one particular project, the STEM students were assigned to pick an invention and track its evolution over time. This allowed students to utilize their research skills as well as their creativity. “It was helpful for students to understand that they can hyperlink the information,” DiVito said. “But it is imperative for them to summarize what they have researched, which is how I used Glogster EDU for this project.”

What better way to foster this creative development than with Glogster EDU?  We wish everyone at the Downingtown STEM Academy a happy Glogging experience!

2 thoughts on “School Spotlight: Downingtown STEM Academy

  1. This week, we will post some video tutorials on how to use Glogster EDU and manage classes and student portfolios. If you’re using the platform, there were recently a few bugs associated with the new release and our team is fixing it. If you have any questions about Glogster EDU, please let us know. The site is bug-free, but we understand that there is some confusion with classroom management. Stay tuned for more tutorials on this.


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