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I have written several posts about Glogster EDU on my own blog, so I am  thrilled to be asked to contribute as a guest blogger. After brainstorming for a while and searching through Glogster EDU’s website for writing ideas, I came across some fabulous Glogs that contain web tech tools for teachers. I was so inspired by the resources that these Glogs contain that I decided it would be a great subject for my first guest blog contribution. I found many Web 2.0 websites for teaching and learning that I have never heard of, and some that I have heard of but never have used.

Glogster EDU is often promoted as a tool for students to create Glogs, or interactive posters, for assignments or projects. The following top 10 Glogs show how Glogster EDU can also be used by educators to create interactive posters for professional development. Glogs can be created for many purposes, and these 10 Glogs show off a few of the infinite possibilities as well as offer great learning experiences for teachers. I found these Glogs in the public technology categories section of Glogster EDU.

Here are my Top 10 Glogs for professional development resources: 

(These are screenshots. Click on the picture of the Glog to be redirected to the Glog so you can view, click links, and interact with the content.)

10. Resonate with Visual Storytelling by Linda Menck

Click to view

For centuries, storytelling has been used to teach and learn.  Digital storytelling  is powerful. It is important for 21st century students to be able to tell stories creatively through digital media. Check out the touching video examples, and don’t miss the links to helpful Web 2.0 sites and iPad applications at the bottom of the Glog. Storytelling can be truly heart moving. You will be personally touched by the digital stories on this Glog.

9. New Culture of Learning by Patti Grayson

Click to view

PLN’s (Personal Learning Networks) are essential to continued professional development, networking, collaboration, and life-long learning. This Glog has links to critical information, websites, and social media platforms all teachers need to develop their web-based PLN’s. Choose from an array of Web 2.0 platforms and social media on this Glog to use for your own PLN and in your classroom.

8. Project Based Learning by Diane Schrecker

Click to view

This Glog has information and videos explaining project-based learning, an important aspect of 21st Century learning. It also has links to some websites for building project-based learning lessons and links to tech tools that can be used  to create project-based learning assignments. Lots to learn here.

7. Online Presence by L Holmgren

Click to view

This Glog has vital information on Fair Use, Creative Commons, copyright, and safe internet use for teachers and students. It is important that educators understand these concepts before using the internet with students. This Glog also links some good Web 2.0 tools for teachers to explore.

6. Blogs, RSS, and Readers by Kathy Scarpato, Glogster EDU Ambassador

Click to view

This Glog explains what blogs and RSS feeds are and how to integrate them into teaching. Blogging can be used in class assignments to teach students how to write effectively, and blogs can be used by teachers to keep up with their life-long learning and technology literacy.

5. Tech Tools by Kathy Scarpato

Click to view

This Tech Tools Glog is a great resource for information on social networks for educators to collaborate, share, and learn from each other. Social networking and collaboration among educators is becoming an essential 21st Century teaching practice. Watch the video on this Glog. It shows data on why joining an educator’s social network on the web is crucial to student success in this day and age. Try taking up the challenge of joining two of the education social networks featured on this Glog,  and collaborate away.

4. Web 2.0 by Terri Portice

Click to view

If you are confused about the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, look no further. Click on the paper clips and thumb tacks for links to Glogster EDUGoogle Docs, and information on common core standards, blogs, and RSS feeds.

3. Technology Poster by Dorothy Minor

Click to view

This Glog is full of resources for teachers to use for instructional planning and with students. While it doesn’t have as many links as the top 2, this Glogs contains a few resources that the top 2 left out.  Definitely worth a look!

2. Creative Tools Glog by Angela Justus

Click to view

This Glog was a close second. It contains wonderful resources for lesson planning and websites to use with students during lessons. This is definitely a Glog you will want to reference over and over.

1. Kickin’ It New School by Kristina HolzweissGlogster EDU Ambassador

Click to view
OMG! I became mesmerized by this Glog and was on it for a long time searching through the links. It is a library of valuable resources including websites that can help teachers organize materials, create multimedia for lessons, and integrate technology into the classroom. I bookmarked and added this Glog to my favorites, because there are so many useful websites on this that I want to use but didn’t have time to check out today. You’ll want to reference it regularly, too.

I hope you have found the Glogs and linked resources on this blog post valuable! Take some time to scroll through these Glogs and bookmark interesting sites. I encourage you to sign up for some of the web tools and sites listed on these Glogs (including Glogster EDU) if you haven’t. Try them out for lesson planning and in lessons with your students.

Creating Glogs isn’t just for student assignments. Glogs can be created by educators for professional development to share training tools and network with peers. Glogster EDU is as an interactive, engaging resource for research, organization, collecting multimedia, and sharing links in a visually stimulating way.  The options are endless. Enjoy searching through the Glogs and enhancing your teaching practices through awesome web tech tools, including Glogster EDU!

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Glogs for Professional Development

  1. Thank you for the selection. There are indeed lots of benefits for teachers using EDUGlogster.
    I have been using glogs for my lesson plans on culture, and I send them to my Edmodo learning platform. Students registered in Edmodo classes can access my glogs even at home and, after getting information, they create their own glogs, and present them in the computer room.
    Glogs are excellent to develop their creativity, linguistic competence, school subjects content, and ICT.
    Students enjoy creating glogs, and they acquire knowledge easier, as we know they learn better by doing.

    EDUGlogster Ambassador,
    Otilia Moldovan
    Ioan Bob School


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  3. I have been using glogs for my lesson plans on culture, and I send them to my Edmodo learning platform. Students registered in Edmodo classes can access my glogs even at home and, after getting information, they create their own glogs, and present them in the computer room.


  4. Great list guys. thanks for sharing with programmers. I am just want to know about web 2.0 sites in details can you please write some post on this topic ?


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