Look for Glogster EDU at the Mid South Technology Conference!

Memphis, a city that is rich in musical tradition, will switch gears on December 8-9 and focus on technology in education.

Come see Glogster EDU in action at the Mid South Technology Conference (MSTC) on December 8-9, 2011 at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis Tennessee!

And be sure not to miss the Glogster EDU Presentation:

Friday, December 9 / 11:05AM-12:00PM / Room # L13/Session #107: Glogster EDU: Transform Your Classroom into a Virtual Learning Environment.

Personal statement from Mike of the Glogster EDU Team (who will be presenting): “Hi I’m Mike from the Glogster EDU team and I personally invite you to meet me at the Mid South Technology Conference. I’ll be covering the basics: creating Glogs, setting up classes, assigning projects, and creating presentations and student portfolios. 

I will be holding meetings on Wednesday, 12/7-Friday 12/9 in Memphis. If you’d like to set up a meeting with me to discuss how Glogster EDU can help gear your classroom for the future of learning, please get in touch with me.”

If you’re able to come, stop by and see Mike! He’ll be happy to talk to you about all the great educational benefits of Glogster EDU, as well as partnering up with us.

At the MSTC, education technology professionals will share new tools, techniques, products, and strategies for using technology to enhance academics.

Whether you want to network, collaborate, or just check out new educational technology, the MSTC is the place to be.

For more information, please contact Mike from the Glogster EDU team at mike.sielawa@glogster.com or give him a call at 617-833-7984. 

We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for another MSTC Blog post featuring pictures from the event!


Reach for the Stars with Glogster EDU!

Look for the Glogster team at

The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference  (CMTC)


 Tuesday, November 29 –Thursday, December 1, 2011

Radisson Expo Center

 Manchester, New Hampshire

Come on out to the CMTC! You’ll get a chance to see innovations in classroom technology and meet some members of the Glogster EDU team!

The CMTC sessions featuring Glogster EDU include:

Wednesday, 11/30 – 10:00AM-1:00PM – Glogster for Your Digital Portfolio by Rebecca Bureau, World Language Teacher, Gov. Wentworth School District.

Wednesday, 11/30 – 1:30PM-4:30PM – Creative Ideas for the World Language Classrrom in the 21st Century by Rebecca Bureau, World Language Teacher, GWSD

Thursday, 12/1 – 1:30PM-2:30PM– BYOD: Let’s Get Glogging – by Jimi Emergy, Technology Educator and Coordinator, Josia Bartlett School and Robin Fall, Josiah Bartlett School

Thursday, 12/1 – 10:00AM-11:00AM – Integrating Web 2.0 and Social Networking into the Classroom by Mary Marotta, Nashoba Regional High School and Nicole Tomaselli, Bedford High School

Thursday, 12/1 – 11:30AM-2:30PM – Power up Technology Standards! By Ann Louis-Rowe, Library Media Specialist, Gov. Wentworth Regional School District and Karen Libby, GWRSD

Thursday, 12/1 – 1:00PM-2:00PM – Creating Digital Posters By Tammy Morse, SRPD*ET

Started in 1994 in memory of Christa McAuliffe, the CMTC is a great educational conference with a focus on utilizing the technological resources we have today.

Christa McAuliffe, a teacher/astronaut who died in the Challenger shuttle launch in 1986, had a strong passion for teachers helping teachers in an effort to innovate education, just like Glogster EDU!

It’s no wonder Glogster EDU will be strongly represented there!

Make sure you look out for the Glogster team at the conference! We’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
For more information, to schedule a one on one Glogster EDU Information Session, or to partner up with Glogster EDU, please contact Jim Dachos at 617-939-0156 or visit our partner up page.

Hope to see you there!

-Justin (The Glogster Team)

Using Gloster EDU for Speech-Language Pathology

Guest post by Sean J. Sweeney, M.S., M.Ed., CCC-SLP, a speech-language pathologist, instructional technology specialist, and author of the blog SpeechTechie: Looking at Technology Through a Language Lens. This post first appeared as the final installment in SpeechTechie’s “Glogster EDU Week.”  Click here for the full list of posts.

So why should SLP’s care about Glogster?  You have seen/heard of a lot of potential applications for speech/language therapy over the course of the week, but here are a few more ideas for SLP-related Glogs:

  • Make a Glog with a series of stimulus pictures or videos related to a sound or phonological process, or phonemic awareness skills such as rhyming or recognizing word families —using Glogster’s audio recording feature!
  • Create Glogs to visualize, define and apply vocab lists.
  • Use Glogs to teach complex sentence formulation by developing a Glog each for key conjunctions (e.g. because, so, when, while, etc), or a Glog exploring a theme or topic with multiple featured conjunctions (and use student audio)!
  • Illustrate and demonstrate a repertoire of strategies in a Glog, such as listening, word retreival, or executive function strategies, with videos (perhaps student-created) serving as models/practice of the strategies.
  • Use Glogster as your Speech-Language Program home page linked to your school website, with links to helpful resources.
  • Glogster can be used to lend awareness to issues related to communication disorders and prevention, such as ASHA’s Better Speech and Hearing Month, CASLPA’s May Month, or TBI or Hearing Loss prevention. (Thanks@ndnspeechmom for your tweet regarding this idea).
And without further ado, a few more actual Glogs to serve as examples (click on the image to view the full interactive Glog):

School Spotlight: Downingtown STEM Academy

Are you using Glogster EDU in your classroom? We’d love to include your story in our blog!  

If you’re interested in having your school featured in “School Spotlight,” please contact Justin at justin.landis@glogster.com. 

Inventive, Creative, Investigative, and Dynamic.

These are the kinds of students that the newly established STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Math) Academy in Downingtown, Pennsylvania strives to develop. To assist with this development, teachers at the Academy have added Glogster EDU to their project-based curriculum.

For years, teachers and students have been using programs such as Prezi and Power Point for creative projects. Now, the STEM Academy is using Glogster EDU to help students experience a more creative, dynamic, and innovative method of learning and presenting.

The creative design features on Glogster EDU really allow the students to experience a new level of digital expression.

Kelli DiVito a Technology Education teacher at the Downingtown STEM Academy is one of the teachers utilizing Glogster EDU in the classroom.

“I like all the options Glogster has for setting it up and making it the students’ own,” DiVito said. “It’s an alternative to the standard programs we use like Prezi and Power Point.”

Glogster EDU was not just a temporary experiment within the STEM Academy Curriculum. According to DiVito, Glogster EDU was outlined in the “Engineering by Design” curriculum.

The Downingtown STEM Academy strives to provide their students with an education that is dynamic, relevant, and rigorous, and both the students and teachers want to uphold that mission. DiVito strives to “expose students to all types of opportunities and technologies to accomplish our objectives.”

They have developed an educational model that features high quality, project-based education as well as independent, group-based investigations designed to create an enthusiasm for discovery, invention, and application.

In one particular project, the STEM students were assigned to pick an invention and track its evolution over time. This allowed students to utilize their research skills as well as their creativity. “It was helpful for students to understand that they can hyperlink the information,” DiVito said. “But it is imperative for them to summarize what they have researched, which is how I used Glogster EDU for this project.”

What better way to foster this creative development than with Glogster EDU?  We wish everyone at the Downingtown STEM Academy a happy Glogging experience!

A Great Week for Glogster EDU

Last week was a fantastic week for Glogster EDU!

To start, we had a strong presence at the New Jersey Education Association Convention (NJEA), which was attended by tens of thousands of educators in New Jersey on November 10 and 11, 2011.

Glogster EDU was presented at 4 sessions during the convention. Sessions ranged from introductions to the creative world of Glogging to presentations on how to embed Glogs in Wikispaces. Special thanks to the presenters, Bruce Duboff, Erica Hartman, Erica Parke, and Jessica Hoertel.

We ended the week on a positive note as well by finishing strong in the top 10 of the C4LPT Top 10 Tools for Learning 2011 list.

Each year, the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies encourages educators to vote for their top educational tools of the year. Thanks to your votes, Glogster EDU came in at #10 on the list, moving up 15 spots from last year!

For those of you who voted, attended or presented, thank you so much! We appreciate your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of Glogster EDU in your classroom.


Top 10 Glogs for Professional Development

Guest post by Beth Crumpler from Adaptive Learnin. (If you are interested in guest posting, please contact Jennifer at jennifer.wineke@glogster.com.)

A tag cloud (a typical Web 2.0 phenomenon in i...

Image via Wikipedia

I have written several posts about Glogster EDU on my own blog, so I am  thrilled to be asked to contribute as a guest blogger. After brainstorming for a while and searching through Glogster EDU’s website for writing ideas, I came across some fabulous Glogs that contain web tech tools for teachers. I was so inspired by the resources that these Glogs contain that I decided it would be a great subject for my first guest blog contribution. I found many Web 2.0 websites for teaching and learning that I have never heard of, and some that I have heard of but never have used.

Glogster EDU is often promoted as a tool for students to create Glogs, or interactive posters, for assignments or projects. The following top 10 Glogs show how Glogster EDU can also be used by educators to create interactive posters for professional development. Glogs can be created for many purposes, and these 10 Glogs show off a few of the infinite possibilities as well as offer great learning experiences for teachers. I found these Glogs in the public technology categories section of Glogster EDU.

Here are my Top 10 Glogs for professional development resources: 

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MassCUE 2011: Winners & Photos

MassCUE 2011  was a huge success for Glogster EDU!  Our booth was buzzing with excitement from thousands of Glogster EDU newcomers and existing users alike.  The many Glogster EDU sessions were either sold out or extremely well attended.  Thank you so much for your support!

To thank the Glogster EDUcators that visited our booth, we awarded 10 lucky educators and one school with free Premium Licenses.

Check out the lucky winners below. Congrats again!

Click to view!

Why all the buzz, you may ask?   Glogster EDU is the 21st century solution to improve the educational experience for students and educators alike.  Empowering your students with digitally enriching activities, encouraging multi-media project based lessons, fulfilling ISTE based educator and student standards, while promoting the creative expression of knowledge and skills is the Glogster EDU way.  If you are not already using Glogster EDU to differentiate instruction and/or to provide alternative student assessments, you should check out how educators throughout the world are utilizing this invaluable educational platform.  Here are a few of the lesson plans, rubrics, and other relevant resources that were shared with session participants:


Please contact our sales team at sales@glogster.com to discuss how Glogster EDU can become part of your classroom, school, or district experience.  We have become an integral platform in many schools and districts in Massachusetts and throughout the world. Our staff is available to provide you with strategic information about the license options most appropriate for you.

Warm Regards, and Happy Glogging!