How to Use Your Teacher Code: A Small Feature with BIG Impact

Imagine hassle-free Glogster EDU setup. Imagine if all you had to do was write 6 characters on the board and your students took it from there. No more long hours generating student accounts, no more tedious nickname changing…

Well, time to stop daydreaming. The solution is finally here!

You may have noticed a new jumble of letters and numbers in the box on your Dashboard. Something like this:

This is your Teacher Code. It may look small, but it will make a huge difference to your Glogster EDU experience.

Teacher Light and Premium users can still generate student accounts using the “Add students” option on your Dashboard, but now there is another way.

Distribute your Teacher Code to your new students and instruct them to register for an account through the student registration form.

When students register with your Teacher Code, they do not need to provide email addresses, and they can choose their own nicknames and passwords. For super easy management, instruct your students to use the same nickname format, like first name + student ID.

Students who register with your Teacher Code will automatically be attached to your Teacher Light or Premium account. If students need to change teachers, they can simply change their Teacher Code on their Dashboard, and their account will transfer to their new teacher’s license.

If you have a Single Free account, students can register with your Teacher Code as well. Their student accounts will “connect” to your teacher account in the system, so if you decide to upgrade to Teacher Light or Premium in the future, you will automatically gain control over their accounts.

Your new Teacher Code makes managing students easier than ever. Finally, your Glogster EDU dreams have become a reality.

For more information, check out the Glog below.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

43 thoughts on “How to Use Your Teacher Code: A Small Feature with BIG Impact

      • If you have a Premium License, you can add them to classes as normal (through the “classes” section on your Dashboard). If you have Teacher Light, they will be part of your one large class (Teacher Light doesn’t provide the ability to divide students into separate classes). And if you have Single Free, the students won’t be divided into classes — they’ll each have individual accounts.


    • If you have Teacher Light or Premium, locate the “students” section on your Dashboard, click on “manage students,” and then select the “change password” option next to the student’s icon.

      If you have a Single Free account, you can email us at with your student’s username and we will change the password for you.


  1. Wow….I was ready to quit glogster after the password and user name chaos…I’ve lost hours of instructional time because of this and told my school not to renew our accounts or recommend it to anyone…

    Can I erase all the student accounts I’ve assigned and now start over with the teacher code system?


    • Thank you for your honesty. We created the Teacher Code system in response to experiences like yours. The Teacher Code should help tremendously!

      Do you have Teacher Light? If your students haven’t started their work yet and you would prefer them to sign up with your Teacher Code so they can choose their own nicknames, erasing would be your best option. But if they have already created Glogs, deleting their accounts WILL erase their Glogs.


  2. I tried to have a new student join my account with the pass code. She could not. 6th graders are not 13 years old. Since she didn’t check the box saying she was at least 13, the form kicked her off saying she needed parent permission. If I’m doing this as part of my class, why can’t my students use my teacher code to log in? This was not helpful for me.


    • If students are under 13 years old, they need permission from either their teacher, parent, or legal guardian. This requirement is necessary to fulfill our Terms of Use. But your permission as their teacher is sufficient. You can tell your students to check the box, log in with your teacher code, and get Glogging!


  3. I have a free teacher account. If my students use my teacher code, the glogs they create are automatically linked to my account so they do not have to provide me with the url. Is this correct? In the FAQs it says they need to give me the url in order to see their glogs.


  4. At least, that is what is happening with the test students I set up. When I logged in as a student (Milburn3) and created a glog, I received an email in my teacher account. (See email heading below). When I click on Milburn3, it takes me to his glogs.

    Milburn3, 1 day
    The user Milburn3 is now your student.


    • Yes, that link will bring you to your student’s profile. I don’t believe you’ll get a message after every single Glog created, though – but if you check the student’s profile you can stay updated. Thank you for pointing that out!


  5. I sm finding the blog section a bit confusing…I don’t see how to start a new thread and i don’t see a “help” section so I will post my question here. Feel free to move it to the right spot.

    Quesiton: How do I change my image from the little teddy bear icon to something else AND can students create or upload an icon on their accounts?

    Thanks you!


      • Click the “Edit my profile” link near the top of your Dashboard. You’ll see your profile icon to the right, and under it a “Change photo” link. Click that link to upload a new image. Your students can do the same.


  6. Is there a maximun number of students who can be linked through my teacher code to my single free account on Eduglog?
    Apart from this enquiry, I’d like to congratulate you all on the great tool you’ve created with Glogster Edu.Thank you very much indeed!!!!!


    • There is no limit to the number of students who can use your Teacher Code to register for their own Single Free accounts. But if you upgrade to Teacher Light, you’ll have to select which 50 students to include in your upgrade. If you upgrade to Teacher Premium, you can select 200 students. And School and District Premium accommodates as many students as you pay for.

      Thanks for the kind words, Silvana!


    • On the top of your Dashboard you’ll see a box with your Teacher Code and a link underneath that says “Change Teacher Code.” Click on that link, enter your new Teacher Code, and you’re done!


  7. I am a student teacher and I would like to demonstrate how to use Glogster for a presentation. How do I get a teacher code for the free single user account?


  8. I’d like my students to use glogster for the last two months of school. I will have a fresh batch of students in September who I would like to give access to (linked to my account). Can the students who I give access to for the next two months be reassigned by me to a single account at the end of the two months to make way for my new students in september? I think that they would like to still access their glogs. Otherwise it seems like a waste of money.


    • You have a couple options. If you’re using the Single Free platform, you can have an unlimited number of students sign up using your Teacher Code. You can’t access their accounts from your Dashboard, but they will still be “linked” to your account if you decide to upgrade.

      In two months, you can either give the same Teacher Code to your new students, OR, if you want a clean slate, create another Single Free “dummy” account and instruct your old students to change their Teacher Code to your “dummy” code. Then, if you upgrade, only your new students will accompany you.

      Either way, your students will still be able to access their Glogs. They will always be able to access their Glogs as long as they have an account on Glogster EDU.

      If you have a paid account (Teacher Light or Premium), you can move students from “active” to “inactive.” Teacher Light gives you 50 accounts, and Premium gives you 200. “Inactive” students aren’t counted in these numbers, but they can still access their Glogs (but not edit).

      Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions!


  9. How do I change the name of my students so I can see their full names to mark work. I checked the edit names box, but don’t know where to go from there. Will the student see the change in his/her account or will I see it only on my account?


    • Are you just looking to change their display name, rather than their login name? If you are using Single Free or Teacher Light, you have to change the display name within the student’s account (either by asking the student to do it or by logging in with his or her details). You can change your display name in “Account Settings,” located on the Dashboard.

      If you want to change the login name itself, you need the Premium platform. Check the “Edit nickname” box next to all the students you want to edit, and then click the pink “Edit nicknames” button in the upper right hand corner of the tab.

      In both cases, the student will see the change in his/her account as well.


  10. I tried to save two slide shows as attachments and the second one always saved over the first and deleted it. Are you able to save more than one slide show?


    • Yes, you’re able to attach more than one PPT file — that’s strange. Perhaps it was an issue with the file sizes? There isn’t a data size limit, but we recommend around 100 MB (the larger the file is, the longer it takes to save). If you’re still experiencing this problem, shoot an email to Sorry about that!


  11. @arieldd – I can’t reply to your comment for some reason! I’m not sure what you mean by “class code.” Teacher accounts w/ a Premium subscription can organize their students into classes. This is done via the “classes” tab on your Dashboard.


  12. I am using the premium trial glogster for my class. It is to expire in 11 days. Does that mean I will loose all class work. Do I have to purchase a package to continue using glogster with my class?


    • You won’t lose any Glogs after your trial expires. Your account and your students’ accounts will automatically convert to Single Free, which means that all of your Glogs will be private. You will lose access to your students via your Dashboard, but they can still log in using the same usernames and passwords.

      If you want to continue using the student and class management features, you’ll need to purchase Teacher Light (50 students); for the project, presentation, and porfolio features, upgrade to the Premium package (200 students).

      If you’re only looking to create Glogs, you can stick to Single Free.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions!


  13. I am registered but how do my students use my account and how do I put in students names I find Glogster has no explanation on how to use the program


  14. Hi there,

    I have two questions:

    1. I recently registered for a Premium account with Glogster and the only way I am able to log in is if I go to an old email that told me to activate my account. I have tried logging in normally and it does not work. Is there something that I am doing wrong?.

    2. I will be inviting students to join under my account, but I am concerned about privacy. do all Glogs have to be publicly posted or can I have it so only my class can see them?


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