7-Day Trial Period [UPDATE]

In relation to ongoing product enhancements and our upcoming iPad app, we are releasing an update that changes the free trial period to seven days.

Up until now, users signing up for our service have been automatically given a 31-day trial, offering all the features of a paid account. While we are still keen to let new users try out everything Glogster has to offer – including use of the iPad app – we have cut this decision-making period down to seven days in order to ensure that paying customers continue to receive an optimum service.

The limitation will only affect new sign-ups; all current accounts with trial days remaining will retain those days despite the update.

This update is part of the general changes we are making to Glogster™ products, maintaining the best possible user experience for new and long-term subscribers alike – to learn more about the process, read here.

If you have any queries about changes to the sign-up process, don’t hesitate to contact us at: +1-888-702-4106

The First Glimpse of the Glogster EDU iPad App


Our long-awaited app is in the final stages of beta testing, and the release date is approaching quickly. The Glogster team is hard at work ensuring that all our great new features are available to users in perfect working order as soon as possible. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you, but for now we can proudly show you the first ever images of our all-new iPad interface.

Home screen


The sleek home screen allows you to view, share and edit your own glogs, create new content, or browse the Glogpedia library, all with a simple touch. Tap the thumbnails to access and edit information about your glogs, or open them in the editor. Saving a finished glog or work in progress will return you to this screen and seamlessly sync your edits with your online account.

The Webpicker


The integrated Webpicker feature allows you to easily drag media onto your canvas from our preset Youtube, Google Images, Google Video and Khan Academy bookmarks, or anywhere else on the web via the search function. Instant access to photos, videos and text from around the internet, without the hassle of uploading files or copying URLs, gives your glog limitless possibilities.



The Glogpedia browser puts knowledge from classrooms around the world at your fingertips. An easy-to-navigate menu makes it quicker than ever to get the information and inspiration you need, from templates and lesson planning materials to exemplary student glogs on history, science, math, languages, art and more.

We hope that you enjoy and share this preview of great things soon to come – keep an eye on our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages for more updates.

Slot Management [UPDATE]

We have pushed out an update which brings changes to the usage of student accounts.

Until now students who had inactive accounts could create, edit and delete glogs. Permitting this for inactive students, however, caused excessive demand for storage on our servers which exceeded the scope of intended use of the Free license. Also, there were cases of misuse of this function, i.e. when active student accounts were set to inactive to replace them with active students without paying for extra slots.

For these reasons, as well as to reserve student slots and storage for our paying customers, inactive student accounts will no longer be able to create, edit or delete glogs for the duration of inactive status.

On expiration of a paid or trial license, accounts usually switch to the inactive status. This happens when the total number of student accounts exceeds the number of paid slots, or the number of available slots, within the Free license.

Further limitation of the Free license is the restricted use of “Manage active/inactive students” feature which is now available one time only.

The above mentioned changes also apply to the upcoming iPad application which will be available only to accounts in the active status.

As part of this announcement, we urge all users and administrators to check if their licenses include sufficient active slots for their students. For help with changes in your accounts and more information, please, contact Customer Care or your Sales Representative.

General Sales Line: +1-888-702-4106
General Customer Care Line: +1-888-456-4748

Multiple Logins Under One Account [UPDATE]

We have released an update which resolves an issue of multiple logins under one account. From now on, the system allows only one login with a particular nickname and password at a time. If someone logs in with the same nickname, all previous sessions are automatically closed.

The multiple login was never a regular feature and had been allowed for quite some time because it was not being abused. However, this has changed as we are now seeing an increasing number of users who have avoided setting up regular accounts, instead logging in as a group under one username. This is affecting our paying subscribers by placing an unforeseen strain on our system and also exposing accounts to potential unauthorized access.

Releasing this update is a step forward in terms of enhancing system stability, users’ protection, and ensuring the best possible experience for all our paying customers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Limitation Of The Free Product Has Begun

As of this week we are officially starting the limitation of our free product. The process began yesterday with closing our free social networking site Glogster.com for new registrations to avoid Glogster.com being misused and confused with Glogster EDU and will continue with further steps in order to update the free version of Glogster EDU so it meets current SaaS standards, leaves less room for unlawful use of our services and therefore makes for a better user experience for our paying customers.

The above mentioned steps will be announced as we move forward.

To discuss a Glogster EDU solution for your district or school please contact us at: +1-888-702-4106

Glogster.com Closes For New Registrations

Beginning today, Glogster.com – our free social networking website that serves as an online platform for creative teenage bloggers will no longer be open for new registrations. The website has declined and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into developing Glogster EDU as it is our main site. Existing Glogster.com users will continue to be able to use the service until it will retire completely.

These changes do not affect Glogster EDU (edu.glogster.com) as it is a separate site.

If you would like to start using Glogster, please go to: edu.glogster.com

Updating Glogster’s Terms of Use

Our new Terms of Use are effective as of April 25, 2014.

We believe it’s essential for you to feel informed when it comes to your information on Glogster. With this in mind, we added a section about Fair Usage and Abuse of Lawful Use of Trial License to our FAQ‘s and Terms of Use.

The inclusion of this section is a response to a massive increase in circumvention of purpose and meaning of use of the Trial license we have identified recently. The usage of our services is being abused by some entities to such an extent that exceeds the normal order of frequency of use and therefore is unlawful, commits long-term law infringements and causes damage to other users of Glogster.  

We feel it is to benefit to everyone to inform and help to raise awareness about lawful using of services.

Updates to our FAQ’s

Fair Usage and Abuse of Lawful Use of Trial License 

Any individual user (natural person) is limited to one trial activation in any 12 month period regardless of a different account username being used or not.

Any organization (group or association of individuals who are joined together either formally or legally e.g. school, company, college, organization, club) are limited to a maximum of 30 Trial registrations in any 12 month period.

Updates to our Terms of Use:

Abuse of Rights and Violation of Lawful Use

Abuse of rights is defined as a willful attempt to exercise the rights of a user of Glogster,  which violates without lawful reason the rights and legitimate interests of other users of Glogster.

As such an exercise of abuse of rights is considered to be, but not limited to:
1.  Repeated activation of a Trial membership by a natural person with in a twelve consecutive month period. Utilizing different aliases is not considered to mean a different natural person that uses electronic services.

2.  Repeated activation of Trial membership over 30 times with in a twelve consective month period without consent and/or unbeknownst to Glogster by a person that differs to a natural person or by an user that differs to a natural person without legal personality. To determine the count of such activations Glogster uses identification principles as domain, used domain name, IP address or other relevant criteria.

For the purposes of legal actions against an entity that uses Glogster in violation of its lawful use each user gives the explicit consent to the use of the identification principles as an evidence.

As repeated activation of the Trial membership is not considered an activation that relates to announced substantial changes in the nature of provided Glogster service and such activation occurs within 30 days after such change is announced.

These changes will take effect on April 25, 2014. See what the new Terms of Use will look like here: Terms of Use


The $1000 Glog Contest is Growing Fast!

Hundreds of Teachers Have Entered To Win $1000 Before December 15th! 

It’s been a wild ride at Glogster for the past week. Since we launched our $1000 Glog Contest, we’ve had nearly a thousand submissions from Glogster EDU Teachers all over the world!

How Can I Enter? 

To enter, all you need to do is to TAG your Glogs with this tag: GlogContest2013. Here is a Glog that explains how: 

How_To_Tag_GlogNote: This Contest can be entered by Teachers Only. But Student Glogs still count if submitted by a teacher!

How Can I Win??

When the contests ends on December 15th, 2013 at Midnight EDT, the Contest Commission, a group of Glogster EDU experts including teachers, designers, and Glogster EDU developers will judge the Top 50 submitted Glogs, as chosen by Glogster EDU.

Here are a few tips for entering to WIN:

  • Choose a fascinating new topic to explore: something you think everyone should know about.

The best Glogs tell you something you don’t already know, in a way you weren’t expecting. The winning Glog will be one that tells a story using multimedia and textual information, as well as external links, to tell a complete story. It should reward the reader with rich information and context.

  • Complete your Glog with Multimedia, external links, videos animations, and other goodies. 

Glogter EDU’s magic is its ability to be more than just a Blog platform or a video platform. Glogster EDU allows you to mesh video, animation, links, recordings of your own, and other elements in surprising new ways. Take advantage of these abilities to make your Glog shine.

  • Look at Glogs in Glogpedia for inspiration on good design, clear presentation of information, and good use of colors and contrasts. 

Go beyond Templates to create something unique, while still using what templates offer you in terms of good tips for design. Your Glog doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s! It doesn’t have to use all of the same backgrounds and styles that are common on Glogster EDU: it can be whatever you want it to be. Your message and your concept can be complex, or they can be simple, but the winning Glog will have a design that strengthens its appeal, and lends weight to its messages and information.

When Does the Contest End? 

Check the contest page for full terms and conditions, as well as a set of rules. The contest will end at midnight EST, December 15th, 2013, so get Glogging! The more Glogs you enter, the more chances YOU have to win.

School Administrators: Time to Switch to the NEW Admin Dashboard!

It’s Time to Make the Switch!

As some school administrators may have noticed in the past few months, we’ve been making the new Administrator Dashboard and Tools available to School licenses as a new option. As the new Admin tools are perfected, it’s almost time to make the switch for those Administrators still using the original Glogster EDU Admin Dashboard.


Why the Switch? 

In response to the needs of our users, we have developed a new set of Administrator Tools that make handling the large volumes of students and teachers in School Licenses easier, faster, more efficient, and more reliable. While our original Admin Dashboard was based upon the Teacher Dashboard, many of our school administrators found that it fit the needs of a teacher better than those of a school administrator. Even in the cases where a teacher also administrates a School License, the new Admin Dashboard differentiates the work of an administrator and that of a teacher, so that the user will now see a clear difference between acting as an Admin, and as a normal Teacher.

Benefits of the New Admin Dashboard:

A Beautiful, Clean and Clear Design: The new Admin Dashboard is based on a design toolkit called “Bootstrap,” which was developed by Twitter. The new tools look, feel, and work the way you expect them to work, because they follow a common set of rules, shared with leading online services. 


Access all Admin functionalities in an intuitive, beautiful Dashboard design.












More, and More Powerful, Teacher and Student Management Tools: The New Dashboard not only looks more modern, it has more advanced tools for managing larger numbers of students. These tools include a brand new Student Creation Tool, Mass Actions, and searchable databases of students and teachers. 

Add Teacher

Add or invite Teachers easily

Perform mass actions on students, and access any student account at any time.

Perform mass actions on students, and access any student account at any time.


It’s all There in the Manual: For your convenience, a tour function on both the Teacher and Student tools will walk you through all the new functionalities of the Admin Dashboard, and as a VIP Customer, our Customer Care Team is just a phone call or an email away from personally helping you with any questions you have.

Launch the tour to get an overview of the tools. It only takes a minute!

Launch the tour to get an overview of the tools. It only takes a minute!

This step by step guide will familiarize you with everything. And VIP customer Care is a Click away at any time.

This step by step guide will familiarize you with everything. And VIP customer Care is a Click away at any time.

When Is the Switch Occurring?

The new Dashboard will go online for most School Administrators within the next few weeks. Some Administrators using newer school licenses will have the option to switch manually before that time. But don’t worry! The new tools are intuitive and simple to use. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if you should have any concerns…

We’re Here to Help with the Switch

Our goal is for all School Administrators to start using these new tools as soon as possible.  But you don’t have to go it alone! When you activate the new Dashboard, a direct link to Customer Care by telephone and email will become available to you. Just click “Get Help,” and we’ll display a number where you can give us a call. We look forward to helping you.

The NextGen Glog Is Now Fully Replacing the Classic Glog

Creation of New Classic Glogs Will Be Unavailable Starting This Week

As you are probably aware, some time ago we introduced the NextGen Glog Editor as a successor to the original Classic Glog Editor. This was done to allow Glogster EDU to continue providing the latest and best tools to our millions of teachers and students on any device or operating system.

Beginning this week, for all registered users of Glogster EDU, it will no longer be possible to create new Classic Glogs. Previously created Classic Glogs will still be available. However, it is highly recommended that users not adapt previously created Classic Glogs, or employ Classic Glogs for Projects.

What’s going to happen to my Classic Glogs?

We know that many teachers on Glogster EDU have invested considerable effort and time in creating incredible content, and many students likewise have poured their creative energies into Glogster EDU, creating a legacy of amazing Classic Glogs that stretches back nearly 4 years, numbering now in the TENS OF MILLIONS of Glogs.

That work, time, love and effort is as valuable to us at Glogster EDU as it is to you. It is at the heart of what Glogster EDU is: a platform for creating and sharing, and building knowledge together. We will work to preserve that content and allow it to continue to thrive on the NextGen Platform.

Within a few months, Glogster EDU will publish instructions on how to update Classic Glogs, transforming them into NextGen Glogs. Users will be free to update their Classic Glogs manually. At some point in the future, once we are sure that a majority of users have taken the time to preserve and update the Glogs that they have invested their time and effort in, we will automatically update the remainder of Classic Glogs, transforming them automatically into NextGen Glogs. At that point, the Classic Glog Engine will be shut down for good.

Why Take the Classic Glog Offline?  

Times change, and we must change with them. While the Classic Glog Editor was enormously popular, and helped shape Glogster EDU into the global platform it has since become, the programming language upon which it was originally based, a version of Adobe Flash, has been superseded a more modern version. In addition, the popularity and spread of mobile devices based on new programming architectures has made support of the Classic Glog Editor untenable. Glogster EDU has seized the opportunity to develop and introduce something entirely new, and totally original: the NextGen Glog Editor. And it is with enormous gratitude that we thank each and every one of our EDUcators who have been with us through this transition.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been inspiring.

What’s Coming Next for NextGen? 

Today, the NextGen Glog Editor has grown into a rich creative environment, supporting a deep and vibrant community of EDUcators and students the world over. And as we move forward, NextGen will ensure that Glogster EDU is available on a variety of software platforms, from Windows to IOS, so that inspiration doesn’t need to take a break until students get to their desks, or until you get home.  And as we continue to focus our efforts on its improvement, you can expect exciting announcements of new features, and new capabilities still to come. Such developments as collaboration mode, in which multiple users can edit the same Glogs, the new EDU Graphic Library, seamless integration of your Glog Library with our upcoming Glog Editor App for iOS, and much, much more.

As the Classic Glog nears its end, we view this time as an exciting new beginning for Glogster EDU: one filled with surprises and wonder. We look forward to sharing it with you.


Join The Glogster EDU #Edknow TweetUp!

Join the Glogster EDU Team and our Community of educators for the #edknow Twitter Chat!

On Monday, Sep. 9, at 12:00 pm EST, Glogster EDU will be having a Twitter Chat. Our subject for this week will be BYOD: Bring Your Own Device, the Teacher’s Perspective. We’re writing a WhitePaper for all of our users about BYOD, and we want to know what our community thinks is most important, what your experiences are, and what advice you would give to other EDUcators on the subject. Your responses will help shape our views, and become part of our #Edknow Content Initiative.  So jump on in!

Click Here to Join #Edknow Live on Twitter! image001

 Monday, Sep. 9, at 12:00 pm EST! 

What’s a Twitter Chat? 

So glad you asked! A Twitter Chat, or “Tweetup,” is an informal gathering of likeminded people for an open discussion and exchange of ideas on Twitter. It takes place at a specific time, and usually lasts about an hour (although it can last as long as people are tweeting!).

How do I join? 

Make sure you’ve got a Twitter username, and are following @glogsteredu on Twitter. When the event is close to its start time, just enter the search term #Edknow, or use this link, and all of the Twitter Chat tweets from our participants will be displayed.

To post, just include this hashtag: #Edknow, in your tweets, and the rest of the participants will be able to see your contributions. Don’t forget this hashtag when tweeting responses!

Event Details

Date and Time: Monday, Sep. 9, 12:00 pm EST

Where: On Twitter, hashtag #Edknow

Subject of the Chat: BYOD: Teacher Perspectives